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      No more “Section 10”

      On 24 September 2018 sweeping changes were introduced to sentencing laws in New South Wales. As a result of this, the much sought after ‘Section 10’ has been replaced.  It will now be known as a Conditional Release Order or CRO. Summary of conditional release orders Conditional Release Orders or CROs have the practical effect of […]

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      Spotlight back on pill testing in New South Wales

      Following the death of two people from suspected drug overdoses at Defqon 1 the issue of pill testing at music festivals is back in the spotlight. While there are strong arguments on both sides the NSW Government has publicly completely ruled out any trial of pill testing. It has also threatened to cancel Defqon 1.  […]

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      Not so fast and furious
      Posted By , on August 14, 2018

      If you’re a car enthusiast you should know that doing burnouts is one of the fastest ways to lose your licence and lose your car. But do you know what the police need to prove for you to be convicted of these offences? And do you know what the actual penalties are? What is a […]

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      Big Brother Policing in the 21st Century
      Posted By , on August 3, 2018

      ANPR stands for ‘automatic number plate recognition’ and there are a number of reasons why you should know what it is and what it is capable of doing. ANPR technology isn’t new. Its been used on highways to monitor heavy vehicles for years and since around 2012 it has been fitted to almost all NSW […]

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      10 Common Myths About Dealing with the Police
      Posted By , on July 6, 2018

      As former police prosecutors, we’ve heard just about every excuse ever raised in court. Here are 10 of the most common ones which are clearly just myths and urban legends. If you need to know what laws actually do apply to your situation call us for expert advice on all criminal and traffic matters.   […]

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      Should I consent to an AVO?

      If you consent to an AVO being made against you, it can have serious consequences and prevent you from working with children, working in the security industry and holding a firearms licence. What does consenting to an AVO without admissions mean? One way of responding to an AVO is to consent to the making of […]

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      What are the defences to drink driving?

      A number of defences may be available if you have been charged with drink driving. Can I argue the breath analysis machine was wrong? Breath analysis machines used to record a driver’s blood alcohol limit are generally considered to be highly accurate. These machines are regularly calibrated and there is very little scope to dispute […]

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      Sniffer dogs at music festivals
      Posted By , on August 21, 2017

      As a result of recent deaths blamed on prohibited drugs police are increasing their presence at music festivals across NSW. This means that you are more likely to encounter drug dogs or sniffer dogs at music festivals. Everyone would like to hope that it will never happen to them. But what if it you were […]

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