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      Requesting a review of an infringement notice
      Posted By , on April 1, 2019

      No one likes to receive an infringement notice. But in some circumstances, you may be able to avoid the cost and demerit points. This can be done by requesting a review of the infringement notice. There are a number of circumstances in which you can request a review. There are also guidelines covering which matters may be […]

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      Police Strip Searches

      It’s becoming a common scenario. You’ve been found with some MDMA capsules. A plain-clothes police officer has stopped you. Police have taken you to a cordoned off area and they’re telling you that you need to submit to a strip search. While the police do have the power to strip search its use is becoming […]

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      Penalty notices for drug possession

      As of 25 January 2019 NSW Police now have the power and discretion to issue penalty notices for people who are caught in possession of a small quantity of prohibited drugs. Previously the only way to avoid court if you were found in possession of prohibited drugs was under the cannabis cautioning scheme. Even then […]

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      Listerine used to wilfully alter alcohol reading

      On Friday night NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command reported that they had charged a male with wilfully altering his alcohol reading. The young male was stopped by Police and subjected to a breath test. This returned a reading over ten times the legal limit. After noticing that the young man was not exhibiting any […]

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      Criminal Infringement Notices

      A Criminal Infringement Notice, also known as a CIN,  on the spot fine,  or Penalty Notice – is a monetary fine issued by police. They are issued for minor offences, at the discretion of police. CINs are issued in lieu of police charging and arresting, and issuing a Court Attendance Notice. Criminal infringement notices are […]

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      App helps drivers avoid speed cameras and police

      Have you ever been alerted to speed cameras or police by an oncoming motorist flashing their headlights at you? Flashing your headlights can result in a fine of $112 and 2 demerit points. But now there’s an app for that. Launched in 2006, Waze is a GPS navigation app. In 2013 Google purchased Waze for […]

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      10 demerit points for using a mobile phone while driving

      The crackdown on using a mobile phone while driving is continuing in New South Wales.  Just in time for the October long weekend , the demerit points for using a mobile phone while driving have increased from four to five. Additionally, the offence has been added to the list of offences which incur double demerit […]

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      No more “Section 10”

      On 24 September 2018 sweeping changes were introduced to sentencing laws in New South Wales. As a result of this, the much sought after ‘Section 10’ has been replaced.  It will now be known as a Conditional Release Order or CRO. Summary of conditional release orders Conditional Release Orders or CROs have the practical effect of […]

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      Spotlight back on pill testing in New South Wales

      Following the death of two people from suspected drug overdoses at Defqon 1 the issue of pill testing at music festivals is back in the spotlight. While there are strong arguments on both sides the NSW Government has publicly completely ruled out any trial of pill testing. It has also threatened to cancel Defqon 1.  […]

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      Not so fast and furious
      Posted By , on August 14, 2018

      If you’re a car enthusiast you should know that doing burnouts is one of the fastest ways to lose your licence and lose your car. But do you know what the police need to prove for you to be convicted of these offences? And do you know what the actual penalties are? What is a […]

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