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    Charlotte Hornets basketball player Miles Bridges has been charged with domestic violence offences after his wife released photos of her injuries on social media.

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      miles bridges domestic violence

      Miles Bridges Charged with Domestic Violence Offences

      Posted By , on July 4, 2022

      Charlotte Hornets basketball player Miles Bridges has been charged with domestic violence offences after his wife released photos of her injuries on social media.

      She also released a medical report which appeared to support her allegations.

      Bridges handed himself into police before being released on bail.

      The NBA have yet to comment, while the Hornets said they will continue to evaluate the situation.   

      Miles Bridges Domestic Violence

      Mychelle Johnson, the 24-year-old wife of Miles Bridges shared details of the alleged domestic violence offences on her Instagram.

      “I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore…I’ve allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatise our kids for life.”

      Johnson shared a series of photographs showing scratches to her face, blood on her ear as well as bruising on her arm, back and legs.

      She also showed her followers a medical report which claimed Johnson was a “victim of abuse by a male partner”. It went on to state that she had suffered a nasal bone fracture, a strained neck and a concussion.

      Johnson claimed in the Instagram post that she was allegedly choked until she fell asleep.

      “I don’t need sympathy, I just don’t want this happening to anyone else. I just want this person to get help, my kids deserve better.”

      Miles Bridges left the scene before officers arrived, but he handed himself into police later.

      He was charged with assault offences.

      The 24-year-old basketball star was released after provided $130,000 security for his bail.

      Who is Miles Bridges?

      Miles Bridges is a Charlotte Hornets basketball player. He has been with the franchise for the past five seasons.

      He is originally from Flint, Michigan and attended Michigan State University.

      He played in 80 games last season and led the Hornets with 20.2 points per game. He was set to become a free agent this off-season.

      The pair share two children together and first dated in 2016.

      Johnson also played basketball at Marshall University and Middle Tennessee State University.

      Charlotte Hornets Respond

      The Charlotte Hornets released a statement, claiming they were aware of Bridges’ arrest and will continue to evaluate the situation.

      “We are in the process of gathering additional information. We will have no further comment at this time,” the organisation said.

      It is unclear whether the NBA will take any action.

      Assault Lawyers

      Section 59 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) defines Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm (AOABH) as intentionally or recklessly causing another person to apprehend immediate and unlawful violence and Actual Bodily Harm results.

      You can beat an Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm charge in two ways. Firstly, Police must prove beyond reasonable doubt that:

      1. You assaulted the victim

      2. That assault caused the victim to suffer ‘actual bodily harm.

      Secondly, there are defences that can be used to have you found ‘not guilty’.

      Actual bodily harm is defined as an injury which was not merely transient. This may include bruising and cuts. It would not extend to a person feeling fear or panic. However, a severe psychological injury may amount to actual bodily harm.

      Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm is a more serious charge than common assault. As such, it is possible to have an Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm charge downgraded to common assault. This will involve your common assault lawyer sending Police ‘representations’.

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      The following defences to assault apply:

      1. Self-defence: You were defending yourself or another person

      2. Accident: You did not intend to commit any assault. You also did not know that an injury could result from your actions.

      3. Causation: The prosecution cannot prove you caused actual bodily harm.

      4. Identification: The prosecution cannot prove that you committed the offence.

      5. Consent: The alleged victim consented to your actions.

      6. Duress: You were forced to commit the assault.

      7. Necessity: Your actions were necessary in the circumstances

      Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm is a type of assault charge which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years jail if your case is heard in the District Court.

      If you are in company with another person when you commit the offence, the maximum penalty becomes 7 years imprisonment.

      In the Local Court, the maximum sentence for a single offence is 2 years imprisonment.

      Looking at 2,187 cases in the Local Court over the last 5 years, that statistics show how difficult it is to avoid a conviction. Less than 10% of sentences resulted in no conviction for Assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The remaining offenders all received convictions and almost 40% of offenders were sentenced to some form of imprisonment. Almost 20% of offenders were sentenced to full-time imprisonment.

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