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      AVO Withdrawn Early Due to Representations

      Our client is a 32-year-old man from America living with his husband in Australia. Police were called to their house after a complaint was made by their neighbours who suspected a domestic incident.

      Our client and his partner explained to police that our client had recently had major surgery following a motor vehicle accident and that they did not want police intervention. Despite this, officers applied for an apprehended violence order (AVO) against our client.

      Our client came to us extremely upset at the situation and stressed with the thought of proceedings against him.

      We immediately got to work advising him of the process of AVO proceedings and drafted lengthy representations for the withdrawal of the AVO. Because our client had instructed us early on, we were able to file representations prior to the first court date.

      The case was listed at Manly Local Court where police sought an adjournment to determine our representations for the withdrawal of the AVO.

      Ultimately, Police were persuaded through our negotiations to withdraw the AVO early in the proceedings.

      Our client and his husband were overjoyed, and can now live their lives without concerns of an AVO affecting their future.

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