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      Section 10 for Special Range PCA at Liverpool Local Court

      Our client is a sole director of an air conditioning company located in Australia. As part of his business, he drives on average 1000 kilometres every week. 

      His licence was suspended as a result of an unpaid parking ticket in July 2023. 

      On the night of the incident he was stopped by the Police for a random breath test. Earlier in the night he had consumed beer. As such, he thought he would be under the limit for an unrestricted licence holder (0.05 BAC). 

      Unfortunately, due to the unpaid parking ticket his licence was suspended. This meant that he did not have the benefit of the unrestricted licence holder limit. Hence, he could not have any amount of alcohol in his bloodstream. He was charged with special range drink driving and drive while suspended.

      He came to us one week before his matter needing us to represent him at Liverpool Local Court. The situation was dire as not having a licence midway through completion of major projects would have had a disastrous impact on his business. 

      We immediately got to work preparing the case. Our Liverpool drink driving lawyers provided him with our character reference and apology letter guide so that he could obtain references from his contractors, friends and wife. We also guided him to complete the Traffic Offenders Program.

      We appeared at court for and with him. Our submissions were based on his good character, the steps he has taken to ensure this does not happen again and the impact the loss of licence would have on his business.

      In the result, we were able to persuade the Magistrate to deal with him pursuant to Section 10 for drink driving as well as for driving while suspended. As such he is able to keep driving. He was overjoyed with the result. 

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