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      The right lawyer makes all the difference – Not guilty of Grievous bodily harm charges while co-accused is convicted

      Our client is a 37-year-old Aboriginal man heavily involved in politics. His niece’s boyfriend assaulted her with a baseball bat.

      It was alleged that when our client found this out, he – along with another man – located the boyfriend and attacked him with a baseball bat.

      The alleged victim suffered two fractures to his lower jaw, deep lacerations, extensive bruising and swelling to the face, chest and limbs.

      The alleged victim identified our client and his co-accused as being responsible for the assault.

      We began analysing the case and formulating our defence strategy immediately.

      First, we obtained witness statements from a number of people who were at a party with our client shortly before the incident. One of the witnesses was a prominent politician.

      We then analysed how long it would have taken our client from the time he left the party to arrive at the location where the alleged incident occurred.

      We conducted a ‘view’ of the street at the time when the alleged incident was said to have occurred and identified that there were no streetlights casting doubt on the identification of our client.

      After a lengthy trial at Downing centre District Court, our client was found ‘not guilty’, while the co-accused (represented by another law firm) was found guilty.

      The co-accused is now in jail and facing a maximum penalty of 25 years imprisonment.

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