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    Why Astor Legal

    Here are 10 reasons to choose Astor Legal to represent you.

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      Legal issues of any sort can be daunting, particularly in the areas of criminal law and traffic law.

      We understand that criminal procedure is complex. Having to appear in Court and speak to a Judge or Magistrate will no doubt cause you stress and anxiety.

      That is why choosing the right lawyer for you is crucial.  See below for 10 reasons to choose our award winning legal team:

      1. Proven Success with High-Profile Cases and Clients

      Prior to Astor Legal, our Principal Lawyer, Mr Avinash Singh spent years representing some of Australia’s most prominent sportspeople, particularly National Rugby League (NRL) players and Olympians.

      Seeing the disparity in outcomes between his clients and those who did not have access to the highest quality legal representation did not sit well with him.

      So, he decided to fix this.

      Astor Legal provides everyday people access to the quality of legal advice and advocacy usually reserved for Australia’s elite.

      Our lawyers have acted in successful appeals to the High Court which have transformed the landscape of Evidence law in Australia. Our track record with appeals is the envy of the legal industry.

      We also place an emphasis on having cases withdrawn before they reach Court or getting charges downgraded. This ultimately saves time, reduces legal fees and provides our clients with the best possible outcome.

      We have an unmatched success rate in defended hearings and jury trials. As such, our clients are consistently found ‘not guilty’, even in the most challenging cases.

      In sentencing proceedings, our team regularly achieves ‘non convictions’ where other lawyers cannot. We also appear in the most serious sentencing matters and are consistently able to help our clients avoid terms of full-time imprisonment, even when the co-accused receives a gaol sentence.

      We encourage prospective clients to view our recent cases before retaining us.

      2. Top 6% of Lawyers & Law Society Accredited Specialist

      There are specialists, and then there are accredited specialists.

      In today’s legal marketplace, there are many lawyers who hold themselves out as ‘specialists’, despite not being accredited as such by the body which governs lawyers – the Law Society.

      In order to be granted the title of an ‘Accredited Specialist’, a lawyer must have:

      1. practised for a minimum of 5 years in a particular field of law (eg. criminal law or family law);
      2. passed a rigorous assessment process conducted by the Law Society as well as other accredited specialist lawyers; and
      3. been selected by the Specialist Accreditation Committee as an expert in their field.

      Our Principal is one of the few Australian lawyers to have been assessed as an accredited specialist before turning 30 years of age. This places him in the top 6% of lawyers Australia-wide.

      Accredited Specialists must be successful in having their accreditation renewed every year and are required to undertake twice as much training each year as other lawyers.

      3. Award-Winning Criminal Lawyers

      Astor Legal are consistently recognised within the legal industry and beyond for their exceptional track record, proven results and client satisfaction.

      Our team has received awards including ‘Criminal Law Firm of the Year’ and our Principal Lawyer, Avinash Singh, has consistently been named ‘Criminal Lawyer of the Year’ throughout numerous legal award programs and publications.

      4. Senior Lawyer Guarantee

      At Astor Legal, we guarantee that your case will be overseen by a lawyer who has at least 5 years of experience in criminal law.

      This is different to most firms where junior lawyers are tasked with handling cases and your lawyer can change a number of times throughout the course of the proceedings.

      Our team also has an ‘open door policy’ whereby they speak to each other about the best strategies to apply to their cases. As a team of specialists, we are always developing innovative techniques to achieve outstanding results.

      This collaborative approach is especially useful when dealing with cases involving large amounts of evidence.

      We guarantee that only senior lawyers with substantial experience will oversee your case and appear at any substantive Court dates.

      We also strive to ensure that the same lawyer will see your case through from the start to the end. You can read more about our team by clicking here.

      5. Premium service and client satisfaction

      Our team prides itself on consistently updating you as to how your case is progressing and having your lawyer accessible to you 24/7.

      During our time representing NRL players, we would have to provide regular updates to our client, his player manager, the club’s welfare manager and CEO on developments in the case and what steps were being taken.

      We have carried these values throughout our legal careers and understand the value clients see from this approach.

      To this point, our client testimonials speak for themselves.

      You can view more than 100 client reviews by perusing our criminal lawyer reviews.

      6. Transparent Costs

      At Astor Legal, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent with our costs. We endeavour to provide clients with a fixed fee structure wherever possible.

      We also ensure that there are no hidden costs that are only brought up part-way through the case.

      Our lawyers provide clients with an accurate estimate of how much their case will cost before they instruct us.

      Often, the estimate we provide at the start of the case will be less than what our clients end up paying at the conclusion of their case.

      7. Australia’s best experts

      Our lawyers have built contacts with Australia’s best experts in every field.

      Whether you require a psychiatrist, psychologist, DNA expert or property valuer, our team have spent years developing relationships with industry professionals at the top of their field.

      You can rest assured that any expert who needs to be briefed will be respected by the Court, significantly increasing your chance of obtaining the best possible outcome.

      8. All Australian Courts

      Our lawyers travel throughout Australia. We appear in Courts all over New South Wales (including regional and country towns) on a daily basis.

      We also often appear in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth courts as well as other Australian locations.

      We are usually able to offer fixed fees for criminal and traffic law cases anywhere in New South Wales, as well as most major cities in Australia.

      9. Respected by Registrars, Magistrates and Judges

      Each of our lawyers have been appearing in Courts throughout Australia on a daily basis for a minimum of 5 years.

      This has allowed us to become familiar with the Registrars, Magistrates and Judges. This familiarity allows us to know what submissions work with particular judicial officers.

      The rapport that we have built with members of the bench also benefits our clients in the exceptional results we consistently achieve.

      10. Locations throughout Australia

      We have offices in several locations across the Sydney metropolitan area, including:

      • the Sydney CBD, at Level 45, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 in World Square near the Downing Centre Court,
      • Liverpool, at Suite 8, Level 1, 131-135 George Street, Liverpool NSW 2170 opposite Liverpool Local Court, and
      • Parramatta, Level 1, Suite 2, 38-40 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 less than 50 metres from Parramatta Local Court.

      All of our offices are close to train stations and bus stops, making attendance at our offices highly convenient.

      Alternatively, we offer conferences by telephone, Whatsapp, Skye, Zoom and FaceTime anywhere around the world and outside of normal office hours.

      If you are going to court and wish to arrange a free first consultation, call our 24 hour hotline on (02) 7804 2823 or send us an email at

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