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    Traffic Law

    Been charged with a traffic offence? Whether it’s Speeding Fines, DUI, Driving While Unlicensed or Disqualified, or any other traffic offences, our team is led by ex-police prosecutors who know exactly what it takes to minimize your fines, disqualification periods or prison sentence. In fact, we may be able to get you completely off the hook. Claim your free case evaluation now.

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      Traffic Law Areas

      Expert advice is needed if you are in danger of losing your driving license. We understand how distressing the situation can be and that losing your driving license can have serious consequences for your finances and assets.

      Do I need a Traffic Lawyers Sydney?

      Our Sydney traffic lawyers will fight harder to get you out of trouble for traffic offenses. Our traffic offence lawyers Sydney are qualified and highly experienced. They will present your case in court in the most effective way. Our clients have had their licences restored and penalties reduced.

      Our traffic infringement Lawyers in Sydney have your best interests at heart

      We understand traffic law – from drink driving, speeding and negligent driving charges through to parking and license offences. If you’ve been charged by police with a traffic offence and need to go to court, our experienced traffic lawyers can help get you back on the road. Thorough preparation is key, and our lawyers’ familiarity with the courts and understanding of the system puts us at a distinct advantage. We specialise in:

      A speeding fine, traffic ticket or red light camera fine can be disputed. You could not be the driver, or you may disagree with the accusations against you. You can dispute the traffic accusations against you in court.

      Our Sydney traffic lawyers are led by a Law Society Accredited Specialist in traffic law and know exactly how to help defend you in a local court.

      Fixed Fees mean that you are upfront informed about the amount you will have to pay. There are no hidden fees. We offer competitive fixed prices on nearly all traffic matters, and all of our clients receive an affordable service.

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      For legal aid by a law firm who truly understands the system, we’re the traffic lawyers in Sydney that every prosecution fears. Contact us today for a free consultation before you sign anything or speak to anyone.

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