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Parking Offences

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Parking offences

Nobody likes receiving a parking ticket. You might be tempted to just pay your fine however a large number of parking tickets are regularly waived or dismissed at court if you have a strong defence.

Common defences to parking tickets include things like:

  • The meter not working

  • Signs or markings not being visible

  • Tickets being issued incorrectly

Most parking tickets are fine only offences however some infringements such as parking near a school crossing or parking in a disabled parking spot also mean a loss of demerit points. Parking infringements can be expensive too with some tickets now being over $500.

There are also issues with private car parks issuing ‘fines’ to people who park longer than allowed. These are generally a contractual issue and not a matter that is defended in court in the same way a parking ticket issued by the government can be.

If you are considering requesting a review of your infringement notice read our guide first. This sets out which offences are not eligible for review and which common excuses and reasons are also rejected.

If you have received a parking ticket you want to dispute contact us for expert advice immediately. At Astor Legal we are former prosecutors and we have prosecuted countless parking tickets. We know the law, the cases, and the defences to parking tickets. Your first consultation is free and we offer fixed fees for most of our services.