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    Drink Driving Lawyers Parramatta

    Been charged with drink driving? Our criminal and traffic lawyers can reduce your fines, disqualification periods, and even help you avoid imprisonment. Our team is led by former police prosecutors who have handled dozens of these cases every day in court. We know how the system works and how to successfully defend your case. Claim your free case evaluation now.

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      Drink Driving

      If you’ve been charged with drink driving contact Astor Legal Drink Driving Lawyers Parramatta now. With all drink driving matters there are a variety of strategies that can be put into place immediately to reduce the likely penalty you will face. Our criminal and traffic lawyers can also assess your matter and advise you if there are any available defences.

      Our firm was started by two former police prosecutors who not only handled dozens of these matters every day in court but were also qualified to conduct breath tests and breath analysis tests themselves. We know the systems and processes. Our drink driving lawyers will work with you to prepare your matter and then represent you at court. Take advantage of our obligation free case assessment and find out how we can get the best outcome for your drink driving matter. If you’re looking for the best drink driving lawyers Parramatta has on offer, look no further than Astor Legal.

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      Get the Legal Support You Need

      There are few traffic violations that are more serious than drink driving. If you have been arrested for drink driving, then you need to respond quickly and with care. That is why you need a team of Parramatta drink driving lawyers that you can trust to lead you through this difficult experience.

      Penalties For Drink Driving Charges

      The outcome or maximum penalty that you may face for a charge of drink driving in NSW depends largely upon how far over the limit you are. The reading determines your breath analysis concentration and that The chart below sets out the maximum penalties in NSW for first offence drink driving charges that are dealt with by a court. NSW Drink Driving Penalties chart for first offence charges of novice range PCA, special range PCA, low range PCA, middle range PCA and high range PCA. This chart shows the maximum penalty, disqualification or licence loss, and period of imprisonment / jail for each offence category.

      Drink Driving Lawyers – Understanding PCA Charges

      When you first contact Astor Legal, they will help you understand the seriousness of the charge. Drink driving is broken down into ranges. These ranges are based on the amount of alcohol in your system. This is known as your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you do not pass a roadside breath test, you will be taken to the station for a full breath analysis. This is how your BAC is ultimately determined. If your blood alcohol concentration is above the prescribed concentration of alcohol permitted for your licence type then you may be charged and need to attend court. Low range PCA: This means your blood alcohol concentration tested between 0.050 and 0.079. For a first low range PCA offence, you can be charged $2,200 and have your licence suspended for three months.  On the spot penalty notices can now be issued for this offence. Mid range PCA: You will be charged with a mid-range PCA if you test between 0.08 and 0.149. First time offenders can face a fine of $2,200 and 9 months imprisonment. The disqualification period can be up to 6 months with a 12 month interlock condition. High range PCA: If your PCA is above 0.149, then it is considered a serious offence. You can be fined $3,300 and spend 18 months in prison. Licence disqualification can last for up to 9 months followed by a 2 year interlock condition. Special range PCA: There are some drivers who are not permitted to have any alcohol in their systems. If you are a learner driver, a provisional driver, a taxi driver, a bus driver or someone with other special licence conditions, then you may be charged with a crime even if your BAC is below 0.050.

      The Traffic Offenders Program

      In some instances, your drink driving lawyers Parramatta may help you get into the traffic offenders’ program. This specialised course is designed for people who plead guilty or been found guilty of a traffic offence. It educates participants about safety skills behind the wheel and strives to help participants change their behaviours on the road. You may also choose to take this course if you are appealing to get your licence back. It may also be required in some cases. Because the course is highly correlated with fewer traffic offences in the future, courts view completion in a very positive light.

      The Advantage of Astor Legal

      If you are in need of Parramatta drink driving lawyers, then remember Astor Legal. Astor Legal is located in Parramatta and provides service throughout large portions of New South Wales. Unlike other legal teams in the area, Astor Legal was founded by former police prosecutors. This means our team has the unique experience of seeing the legal system from both sides. We can bring this distinctive insight to your drink driving case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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