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      Coffs Harbour Local Court & District Court Criminal & Traffic Lawyers

      If you need to attend Coffs Harbour Local Court & District Court contact Astor Legal and see how one of our expert criminal & traffic lawyers can help you.

      Coffs Harbour sits on the New South Wales north coast, approximately 540 km from Sydney.

      It has a campus of Southern Cross University. It has many attractions, including the ‘Big Banana’, which make it a hub for tourism.

      How to contact Coffs Harbour Court House?

      You can contact Coffs Harbour Courthouse by:

      • PHONE: 1300 679 272
      • FAX: 5622 9199
      • EMAIL:
      • ADDRESS: 2-16 Beryl St, COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450
      • POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 18, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

      How to get to Coffs Harbour Court House?

      The most common way of travelling to Coffs Harbour is by plane. There are daily flights between Coffs Harbour and Sydney.

      Alternatively, there are regular train and bus services between the two locations.

      Coffs Harbour Courthouse is located on Beryl Street in the town centre. It also houses the Coffs Harbour Federal Circuit Court.

      Our lawyers prefer to fly to Coffs Harbour Airport and then take a rental vehicle to the town centre.

      Who is the Magistrate at Coffs Harbour Local Court?

      The current presiding Magistrate at Coffs Harbour Local Court is His Honour Magistrate Michael Dakin.

      Magistrate Dakin was appointed to the bench in 2008. Prior to his appointment he was a Police officer.

      Astor Legal have appeared in front of Magistrate Dakin a number of times and are familiar with him. Click here to read about some of our recent cases at Coffs Harbour Courthouse.

      Who is the Judge at Coffs Harbour District Court?

      The current presiding Judge at Coffs Harbour District Court is His Honour Judge Jonathan Priestley.

      Prior to his appointment to the bench, Judge Priestly was a barrister, practising in the areas of succession law, property litigation, family law, equity law and home building cases.

      Astor Legal have appeared in front of Judge Priestley a number of times and are very familiar with him.

      What cases are heard at Coffs Harbour Court House?

      The types of criminal cases heard in Coffs Harbour Local Court include:

      • Drug possession and drug supply cases
      • Drink driving, driving whilst suspended or disqualified, and other traffic cases
      • Sexual touching (formerly ‘Indecent assault’) and child abuse material cases
      • Common assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm cases
      • Apprehended violence orders (AVOs)
      • Firearms offences
      • Fraud, larceny and property damage offences
      • Bail applications, sentencing proceedings, section 14 mental health applications and defended hearings

      The types of criminal cases heard in Coffs Harbour District Court include:

      • Drug cases including supply, manufacture, cultivation and importation
      • Assault and wounding-type cases
      • Break and enter and robbery cases
      • Fraud and property offences
      • Sexual assault and other sex offences
      • Sentencing hearings, appeals against severity and conviction, bail applications and trials

      Our team of specialist Coffs Harbour Criminal Lawyers have been appearing at regional and country courts for years. We have received a host of awards and accolades for our work.

      If you would like to speak to a criminal lawyer or traffic lawyer who can assist you with a matter at Coffs Harbour Both Local & District Court, contact us or call on (02) 7804 2823.

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