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Should I Represent Myself?

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Should I represent myself?

There’s a lot of information on the internet advocating self-representation in PCA and DUI matters. The reality is that a case properly prepared and presented by an experienced lawyer will usually result in a better outcome. This may mean you get your licence back months earlier or pay a substantially less fine than you otherwise would have. Additionally, unless you are on bail, a lawyer can go to the first ‘mention’ dates without you needing to be there, saving further time off work.

​Carefully weigh-up the actual cost of having a lawyer represent you and the benefits that come from having that representation. At Astor Legal we offer fixed fees for most matters, including preparing and presenting a guilty plea to a PCA or DUI charge. We service all areas of Sydney, and from the Southern Highlands up to Newcastle. Our first consultation is free, so if you have a question contact us now.