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    Sexual Assault

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      Section 32 Granted for Multiple Sexual Touching Charges

      Last week Astor Legal appeared at Manly Local Court on behalf of a 34-year-old doctor. Our client worked in a well-known hospital. A number of nurses had made complaints to the hospital’s human resources department that he had touched their private parts during work hours. Following the incident our client was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder […]

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      Bail granted and then found not guilty to charges of Sexual Assault and Aggravated Indecent Assault
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      Our client was a 24-year-old man from Laos. He was studying Law and Economics at the University of New South Wales. On one particular night he attended the house of one of his friends. Also present were his friend’s girlfriend and a roommate. A significant amount of alcohol was consumed by all parties. Eventually, the […]

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      Charges of Indecent assault, Common Assault and Intimidation dismissed on Appeal
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      Our client is a 41-year-old man who had been in a relationship with a female partner for 12 months. They were also work colleagues. Police alleged that on one Saturday in August, our client had pushing her onto a bed, grab her by the vagina and twisted. They also alleged that on a separate occasion […]

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      Bail granted and no conviction for Sexual Touching, Assault Police, Resist Officer as Section 32 Mental health Application granted

      Our client is a 28-year-old musician who had been struggling with mental health issues for a number of years. He consumed a number of alcoholic drinks one night and went into a psychosis. He believed that his drink had been spiked, however there was no evidence to support this. While in his psychosis, he was […]

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