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      Licence appeal for speeding over 45km/hr successful

      Our client is a 23 year old University student who also works part-time as a pizza delivery driver.
      He was stopped by police when they clocked him travelling at 155km/hr in a 60km/hr zone. This is well over double the speed limit.
      He was issued with an immediate police suspension notice for a period of 6 months.
      Our client’s traffic record was not good. He had a number of prior speeding offences on his record.
      He informed us that he needed his licence for his pizza delivery job, as that was his only source of income.
      We began by providing him with our character reference and apology letter guide as well as referring him to the 6 week PCYC Traffic Offender Program.
      As we explain in our traffic sentencing guide, this course is more intensive than the regular 2 day course.
      To lift or vary an immediate police suspension, one is required to show that ‘exceptional circumstances’ exist.
      In Court, the Magistrate dismissed a number of other licence appeals which involved far less serious examples of speeding.
      However, our specialist traffic lawyers were able to persuade the Magistrate that it was appropriate to reduce the suspension from 6 months to ‘time served’.
      This meant that our client could continue immediately reapply for his licence and recommence his job.

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