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      No conviction for Assault Police, Resist Arrest, Intimidation and High Range Drink Driving

      Our client is a 19 year old tennis prodigy, currently undertaking a scholarship at an American University.

      He was in Australia for a short break before he was due to return to the USA to recommence his studies.
      One night he attended an event in the city where he consumed a number of alcoholic drinks.

      He got into a taxi to take him home. However, along the journey he asked for a detour to be made at an RSL club.

      The taxi driver obliged and delivered our client to the RSL club. Unfortunately, when our client tried to pay, his card continuously declined. Enraged, he began causing damage to the inside of the taxi.

      The taxi driver exited the vehicle and asked nearby security for assistance. When security arrived, our client locked the doors to the taxi and began trying to drive the taxi away.

      Police attended a short time later where they engaged in a brief scuffle with our client before arresting him and taking him to a Police Station. He was breath tested and registered a reading of 0.170.

      While in the cells at the Police Station, our client continuously threatened the on-duty Police officer including threatening to rape him.

      He was ultimately charged with a host of offences including Assault Police, Resist Arrest, Intimidation and High Range Drink Driving. He came to us distraught at the prospect of being convicted for these offences.

      We immediately got to work.

      We arranged for our client to speak to our specialist clinical psychologist. She was able to diagnose our client with severe depression anxiety which he had been self-medicating with alcohol.

      An intensive treatment plan was drafted which our client began complying with.

      Further, we obtained evidence of his scholarship, his visa requirements and the ramifications of a criminal conviction for him.

      We next assisted him by providing him our character reference and apology letter guide. References from the Dean of his University as well as the Australian National Coaching Team were prepared.

      We also advised him to prepare an apology letter to the Police officer and taxi driver.

      Having prepared the case meticulously, we were able to convince one of the toughest Magistrates in the country to grant a ‘section 10’ to our client.

      He was ecstatic to be able to remain conviction free and continue his career.

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