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    With fewer children going to school during NSW lockdown orders, what are the school zone speed limits during lockdown?

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      school zone speed limit

      School Zone Speed Limits During Lockdown

      With fewer children going to school during NSW lockdown orders, motorists regularly ask what is school zone speed limits during lockdown.

      Media reporting during the lockdown suggested there was confusion over whether the school zones were still in effect.

      This is supported to a degree by data that revealed $30.7 million in fines were handed out with one third of these issued for school zone offences. This was almost double the amount of revenue from 2020. 

      When are school zone times? 

      School zone times usually operate from 8am to 9:30am and from 2:30-4:00pm on gazetted school days in most NSW areas.

      However, in some NSW areas there are non-standard school zone times which can be identifiable to drivers by red/orange school zone signs with visible school zone timings. 

      Why should we obey school zone speeding limits? 

      During school zones, the maximum speed limit is no more than 40km/h. Such rules have been enforced to protect one of the most vulnerable groups in our society; children.

      Therefore, during the designated time zones there may be movement of children, especially crossing the roads. Due to children’s vulnerability and unpredictability, we must at all times consider their safety first and adhere to school zone speed limits. 

      Do school zones still operate on pupil free days?

      Yes, to avoid driver confusion and enhance overall safety of school children, school zones are still applicable on pupil free days as some children may still be attending school on these days. 

      When are school zones not in force? 

      School zones are not in force on the following dates:

      1. Weekend;
      2. Public holiday; 
      3. Publicly notified government school holiday for government schools.

      It is a school zone but I cannot see any children 

      Even if you cannot see any children in a school zone, you still must comply with the school zone speed limit if it is in effect. Transport and Roads Minister Andrew Constance has reminded drivers that schools are still open for children who need to attend and school zones are still enforceable, hence drivers should remain vigilant, despite the stay-at-home orders. 

      What are the penalties for school zone offences? 

      Pursuant to Rule 20 of the Road Rules 2014 (NSW), speeding by 10km/h and under in a school zone will generally incur a $203.00 fine and loss of 2 demerit points. 

      Penalties for speeding in NSW may differ but not limited to the following factors:

      1. Whether you are a learner, P1, P2 or full licence holder;
      2. How much you exceeded the speed limit;
      3. Whether you were driving a light or heavy vehicle;
      4. Whether double demerits were applicable at the time of the offence.  

      What happens if I have been charged with speeding

      If you have been charged with speeding, you should obtain legal advice before doing anything. Astor Legal are accredited specialists in criminal and traffic law. We can represent you at court for your speeding offence. You can speak to our Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta Criminal Lawyers. 

      We are able to assist you for your licence appeal all around NSW. We have represented hundreds of clients allowing them to avoid driver licence suspension allowing them to maintain their work and family priorities. To get in touch with us, call Astor Legal on (02) 7804 2823 or email One of our friendly team members will be in touch with you.

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