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Licence Offences

Have you been caught driving without a licence or without the correct licence? Avoid harsh fines, long disqualification periods and even jail time with the help of our expert team, led by ex-police prosecutors. We know the law from the inside out, giving you the best chance of getting off lightly. Claim your free case evaluation now.

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Licence offences

If you are caught driving without a licence or without the correct licence you can face heavy fines, lengthy periods of disqualification and even imprisonment.

The Road Transport Act (2013) creates a number of licence offences such as driving while:

  • Unlicensed
  • Suspended
  • Disqualified

The penalties differ depending on the offence and as of November 2017 the penalties have been reduced for many of these offences.

If you have been arrested or charged for a licensing offence you should contact us for expert advice immediately. At Astor Legal we are former prosecutors and we have prosecuted countless licensing offences. We know the law, the cases, and the defences to licensing offences. Your first consultation is free and we offer fixed fees for most of our services.