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    Speeding & Camera Offences

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      Speeding & camera offences

      There are more speed, red light and safety cameras on the road than ever before. In addition to these cameras police use approved speed measurement devices such as lidar and radar and in some instances the police can estimate your speed without using any measurement devices at all.

      Speeding, red light and other camera offences usually result in an infringement notice being issued to the driver or the registered owner of the vehicle. Where higher speeds are involved the police may issue you with a court attendance notice and an immediate suspension notice meaning you cannot drive until the matter is determined by a court.

      If you pay an infringement notice or are convicted by a court you will lose demerit points from your licence which may result in your licence being suspended. The only ways to avoid incurring demerit points have is if the infringement is withdrawn or you take the infringement to court and have it dismissed or finalised without a conviction recorded.

      If you are considering requesting a review of an infringement notice you can read our guide on which offences and what excuses are generally refused.

      If you disagree with the infringement or court attendance notice we can represent you and contest the matter. Cameras and approved measurement devices must be calibrated and operated within certain specifications and if this was not done you may be able to have the matters dismissed. If you want to plead guilty we can also assist and you may be able to have the matters dismissed without a conviction being recorded which means you do not pay a fine or lose any demerit points.