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      Broadmeadow Childrens Court Lawyers

      If you need to attend Broadmeadow Childrens Court contact Astor Legal and see how one of our expert criminal & traffic lawyers can help you.

      Broadmeadow is a town in Newcastle which was established in the 1880’s.

      The Courthouse only deals with children’s law. This is different to most other Children’s Courts in NSW such as Parramatta Children’s Court.

      Children’s Court matters are governed by the Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 (NSW). This means that the legal principles applied are unlike adult criminal cases.

      This contrast is most easily seen in sentencing proceedings, where the Court places significant emphasis on rehabilitation and alternatives to full-time imprisonment. That is why it is important your lawyer has been accredited by the Law Society as a specialist in children’s criminal law.

      How to contact Broadmeadow Children’s Court

      You can contact Broadmeadow Children’s Court by:

      • PHONE: 4915 5200
      • FAX: 4915 5201
      • EMAIL:
      • ADDRESS: 19-23 Lambton Road, BROADMEADOW NSW 2292

      Broadmeadow Chindren’s Court List

      The Broadmeadow Children’s Court List sets out the time, date and location of all court matters up to three weeks in the future, and one week in the past.

      You can click here to search for the Broadmeadow Children’s Court listing details of your case. You can search by your name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing (eg. mention, sentencing, hearing, trial).

      Please note that children’s names cannot be published so only their initials will appear on the court list.

      What cases are heard at Broadmeadow Children’s Court?

      Broadmeadow Children’s Court deals with:

      • criminal cases
      • traffic cases
      • applications for Apprehended Violence Orders;
      • Compulsory Schooling Orders;
      • care and protection of young people;
      • parole breaches.

      How to get to Broadmeadow Children’s Court?

      You can get to Broadmeadow Children’s Court by driving. It is approximately 2 hours drive from Sydney. Alternatively, it can be reached by train or bus.

      Our team of specialist Broadmeadow Criminal Lawyers have been appearing at this Court for years. We have received a host of awards and accolades for our work.

      If you would like to speak to a criminal lawyer or traffic lawyer who can assist you with a matter at Broadmeadow Childrens Court, contact us or call on (02) 7804 2823.

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