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      How do NSW mobile phone detection cameras work?

      Mobile detection cameras work by taking a high resolution photo of the front cabin of every passing vehicle. Each photo is then analysed by a computer using artificial intelligence to identify mobile phone use. Where an offence is detected, the image is then checked by authorised staff prior to a penalty notice being issued.    

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      Where are mobile phone detection cameras located?

      While there are a number of fixed mobile phone cameras the majority are portable and attached to a trailer. As they are regularly moved to new locations the best way to locate them is through an app that crowdsources this information such as Waze.

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      How many mobile phone detection cameras are there in NSW?

      The exact number is unknown however Transport for New South Wales aim to have 45 portable mobile detection cameras by 2022 – 2023. These would be capable of screening over 135 million vehicles per year for mobile phone use.

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      When do mobile phone cameras start issuing penalty notices?

      Mobile phone cameras were first activated in NSW in December 2019. For the first 3 months drivers were issued with a warning letter only. This doesn’t affect penalty notices issued by police or other cameras. From 1 March 2020 drivers caught by a mobile phone detection camera will receive penalty notices and incur demerit points.

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      Who owns and operates NSW mobile phone detection cameras?

      In NSW the contract to operate mobile phone detection cameras was awarded to Victorian company Acusensus. In 2018, Indian company Ador Powertron acquired a 51% share in Acusesus.

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      Are there warning signs before mobile phone detection cameras?

      No, when the cameras were introduced it was decided that there would be no warning signs. There is no legal requirement to have warning signs for mobile detection cameras or any other type of enforcement camera in New South Wales.

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      How do you defend a penalty notice from a mobile phone detection camera?

      Under amendments passed in 2019 an object held by, or resting on the body of a driver, is legally presumed to be a mobile phone. The driver of the vehicle bears the onus of proof to show that the object was not a mobile phone and this must be proven on the balance of probabilities. […]

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      Can I receive a mobile phone penalty notice from a red light camera or speed camera?

      Yes, changes to the law means that if you are photographed speeding or running a red light, these photos can also be checked for mobile phone use. If the driver can also seen to be using a mobile phone they can be issued a penalty notice.

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      How much is the fine for using a mobile phone while driving in NSW?

      The current fine for using a mobile phone in New South Wales is $344 and 5 demerit points. This increases to $457 in a school zone. During designated periods of double demerit points using a mobile phone while driving incurs 10 demerit points.

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