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      age of consent australia
      What is the Age of Consent in Australia?
      Posted By , on May 15, 2024

      The age of consent varies across Australian states. The idea of an age of consent is designed to protect children, who are incapable of consenting due to their lack of maturity. Due to the complexity of sexual assault charges, it is important to consult an experienced criminal defence lawyer if the age of consent is […]

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      paul kent affray
      NRL journalist Paul Kent Charged with Affray
      Posted By , on May 3, 2024

      NRL journalist Paul Kent has been charged with affray in Sydney. A video has surfaced which allegedly depicts the incident. The 54-year-old was granted bail by police and has his first court date on May 24. There is a co-accused who faces similar charges. Paul Kent Affray Paul Kent presented at Newtown Police Station this […]

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      AVO for harassment
      Can I get an AVO for Harassment?

      An AVO for harassment is a legally enforceable court order which restricts the behaviour of a person. The standard conditions of an Apprehended Violence Order prohibit the defendant from assaulting, harassing, threatening, intimidating, stalking, damaging property or harming pets of the person in need of protection (PINOP). What is Harassment? Harassment is any unwanted behaviour […]

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      is verbal abuse a crime
      Is Verbal Abuse a Crime?

      Victims of verbal abuse often wonder whether it is a crime and whether there is any recourse for them. This is particularly so when it occurs in the context of a domestic violence situation. Obtaining an apprehended violence order (AVO) is a possibility but only in circumstances where the conduct meets the requisite criteria. What […]

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      Angel Torres aggravated sexual assault
      A-League Star Angel Torres Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault

      Central Coast Mariners forward Angel Torres has been charged with sexual assault and suspended by Football Australia. The suspension is currently on a ‘no-fault’ basis until the matter is resolved – something that could take over 12 months. The club released a statement emphasising that no finding of guilt has yet been made. Angel Torres […]

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      assault vs battery
      What is Battery vs Assault?

      Lawyers are regularly asked about the difference between battery and assault. Both concepts deal with the use of physical force against another person. This article explores both ideas and how they are dealt with today. What is assault? An assault is any deliberate action where a person intentionally or recklessly instils in another the fear […]

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      how to get sexual assault charges dropped
      How to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped – Step by Step Guide

      The criminal justice system regularly deals with persons who make a complaint to police about their partner, but later decide that they want to know how to get domestic violence charges dropped. There may also be circumstances where a complainant has explicitly told police that they do not want their partner charged, but police lay […]

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      Does an AVO Appear on a Police Check?
      Does an AVO show on a Police Check?

      When police apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), often the first question that many people ask is whether the AVO will appear on a police check. Often people are concerned about the consequences of an AVO being made against them. As such it is crucial to speak to a specialist AVO lawyer who can […]

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      age of consent australia
      Stealthing Laws in Australia

      Stealthing laws are a relatively new phenomenon in respect of sexual assault legislation. It has gained notoriety in recent years but there is still legal ambiguity surrounding stealthing in Australia. The ACT, Tasmania, NSW and Victoria have introduced legislation criminalising stealthing in the last year. A recent review of sexual assault legislation in Queensland recommended […]

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      Does an AVO Appear on a Police Check?
       How to vary an AVO?

      One of the most common enquiries domestic violence lawyers receive is from defendants and protected persons wanting to vary an AVO. An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is a court order that is made to protect a person from the violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening behaviour of another person. In its simplest form, an AVO […]

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