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      how to beat drug driving charges
      How to Beat a Drug Driving Charge – Step by Step Guide
      Posted By , on May 8, 2022

      The question of how to beat a drug driving charge is one that criminal defence lawyers answer almost daily. This is unsurprising, given that losing your driver licence can have a significant impact. It may affect your employment as well as your ability to fulfil your personal commitments. There are two separate offences for ‘drug […]

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      drive under influence
      New Research Casts Doubt on Roadside Saliva Tests for Drive Under Influence (DUI) Cases

      New research has cast doubt on the accuracy of roadside saliva tests in drive under influence (DUI) cases. Police throughout the country use saliva-based tests for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in cannabis. But researchers from the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative found that the levels of THC in a person’s system do not directly […]

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      how to beat drug driving charges
      Bill to Make Medicinal Cannabis a Legal Defence for Drug Driving Rejected

      Despite years of hard work and strong community support, a bill to make medicinal cannabis use a defence against drug driving charges has been rejected by NSW parliament. David Shoebridge, a member of parliament from the NSW Greens, moved the bill. Currently, the law makes it illegal to drive with any amount of THC in […]

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      Hound breathalyser can test drivers for more than just alcohol levels
      New device to test level of cannabis in drivers system

      Driving with cannabis or THC in your system in NSW Driving with a prescribed illicit drug in your oral fluid, blood or urine is an offence in New South Wales under s.111(1) of the Road Transport Act. Prescribed illicit drugs include: No requirement to prove that your driving is affected Unlike drink driving, there is […]

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