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      can you sue for domestic violence Australia
      Can You Sue for Domestic Violence in Australia?

      Those in abusive relationships often ask, can you sue for domestic violence in Australia? The answer is yes, victims of domestic violence can sue offenders regardless of their relationship with them. However, there are a number of complexities which are explored below. How Do Courts Handle Domestic Violence Cases in Australia? Australian courts protect the […]

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      how to beat an AVO
      How To Beat An AVO

      The question of how to beat an AVO is one that lawyers answer almost daily. This is unsurprising given an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) can have a devastating effect on yourself, your partner and your family. It is important to understand that there are stringent processes involved with these orders. Defending an AVO can be […]

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      breach avo
      What is the difference between an AVO and ADVO?

      When a person is served with an apprehended violence order for the first time, they will often ask, what is the difference between an AVO and ADVO? This is a reference to an apprehended violence orders (AVO) and an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO). While both are orders which restrain specific behaviour there are some […]

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      False AVO claims
      False AVO Claims

      In recent years there has been a noticeable rise in false AVO claims being made to Police as well as taken out privately. It will come as no surprise that having an apprehended violence order taken out against will cause significant stress to you and your loved ones. The conditions associated with an AVO can […]

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      how to get an avo dropped
      How To Get an AVO Dropped – Step by Step Guide

      A common situation faced by lawyers, Police and the Courts is when a defendant or complainant asks how to get an AVO dropped. Often the defendant and protected person will have resolved the situation. Or the anger and acrimony between them has subsided. Many people think that it is as simple as the complainant saying […]

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      false allegations domestic violence
      Woman to Avoid Jail for False Domestic Violence Allegations

      A woman who made numerous false allegations of domestic violence against her boyfriend has pleaded guilty to five perjury charges. 21-year-old Makaela Bacon contacted police throughout 2020 which resulted in Bryce Cadby, who only has the use of half of his body, being arrested twice. She claimed that he sexually assaulted her, attacked her with […]

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      nick kyrgios assault
      Nick Kyrgios Refused Adjournment in Assault Case

      The Nick Kyrgios common assault case has taken a twist after the tennis star’s application for a three-month adjournment was refused. The 27-year-old did not appear at the ACT Magistrates Court as prepares for the US Open. The court was told that an application would be made on behalf of Mr Kyrgios at a later […]

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      darrell trindall bail application
      Ex-NRL Player has Supreme Court Bail Application Granted

      Former NRL player Darrell Trindall’s Supreme Court bail application has been granted on domestic violence charges. The 50-year-old will be released to a specialist rehabilitation program which focusses on addresses drug and alcohol issues of Indigenous people. Trindall labelled his first time in jail, “just what I needed”. Domestic Violence Charges Darrell Trindall was initially […]

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      Ricky Martin nephew
      Ricky Martin Facing Domestic Violence Charges Against Nephew

      Ricky Martin is reportedly facing up to 50 years in prison over domestic violence charges against his 21-year-old nephew. The singer’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, already has a restraining protecting him from Mr Martin. It has been alleged that Martin exercised “physical and psychological attacks” on Sanchez during their seven-month relationship, which ended about two […]

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      miles bridges domestic violence
      Miles Bridges Charged with Domestic Violence Offences
      Posted By , on July 4, 2022

      Charlotte Hornets basketball player Miles Bridges has been charged with domestic violence offences after his wife released photos of her injuries on social media. She also released a medical report which appeared to support her allegations. Bridges handed himself into police before being released on bail. The NBA have yet to comment, while the Hornets […]

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