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      Are cipher phones illegal in Australia?
      Are Cipher Phones Illegal in Australia?

      Cipher phones and apps used by organised crime organisations to facilitate and plan large-scale criminal acts have led to the Australian Government introducing reforms to the Crimes Act 1900. As a result of successful police operations, the Dedicated Encrypted Criminal Communication Device Prohibition Orders Bill 2022 was introduced to directly address the use of cipher […]

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      are tasers illegal
      Are Tasers Legal in Australia?

      In Australia, tasers are primarily used by law enforcement officers like the police to incapacitate those who pose a threat to themselves, others or the police. Tasers are strictly regulated and subjected to guidelines which aim to minimise their misuse. Police officers undergo training to ensure that they are handling and operating tasers safely and […]

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      jury duty nsw
      Jury Duty in NSW

      Every adult over the age of 18 who is registered on the electoral roll may be summoned to serve for jury duty in NSW. If you are summoned for jury duty, you will go through a selection process to determine whether you will be a part of the 12-person jury for the matter. In a […]

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      how to get sexual assault charges dropped
      How to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped – Step by Step Guide

      The criminal justice system regularly deals with persons who make a complaint to police about their partner, but later decide that they want to know how to get domestic violence charges dropped. There may also be circumstances where a complainant has explicitly told police that they do not want their partner charged, but police lay […]

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      Does an AVO Appear on a Police Check?
      Does an AVO show on a Police Check?

      When police apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), often the first question that many people ask is whether the AVO will appear on a police check. Often people are concerned about the consequences of an AVO being made against them. As such it is crucial to speak to a specialist AVO lawyer who can […]

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      is doxxing illegal in australia
      Is Doxxing Illegal in Australia?

      The Australian government has announced that it will be moving forward with legislation to make doxxing a criminal offence. The move follows the leak of personal information of more than 600 participants in a WhatsApp group chat. It has been hailed as an attempt to combat cyberbullying and harassment, however, critics have raised concerns about […]

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      stealthing laws australia
      Stealthing Laws in Australia

      Stealthing laws are a relatively new phenomenon in respect of sexual assault legislation. It has gained notoriety in recent years but there is still legal ambiguity surrounding stealthing in Australia. The ACT, Tasmania, NSW and Victoria have introduced legislation criminalising stealthing in the last year. A recent review of sexual assault legislation in Queensland recommended […]

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      Does an AVO Appear on a Police Check?
       How to vary an AVO?

      One of the most common enquiries domestic violence lawyers receive is from defendants and protected persons wanting to vary an AVO. An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is a court order that is made to protect a person from the violence, harassment, intimidation or other threatening behaviour of another person. In its simplest form, an AVO […]

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      Does an AVO Appear on a Police Check?
      How to Find Out if Someone Has an AVO – 2024 UPDATE

      New proposed legislation by the State government could provide an answer to the question of how to find out if someone has an AVO. The Right to Ask scheme would allow police to disclose information about a domestic violence offender to potential new victims. However, concerns about privacy and malicious applications have been raised as […]

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      how to write an apology letter to court sample
      Can police search your car NSW

      In NSW, police can search your car in limited circumstances. They do not have the power to stop and search vehicles at random. Some bases upon which police can search vehicles include when they are acting under a search warrant, they have the consent of the driver or they have a ‘reasonable suspicion’. Police powers […]

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