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      drink driving charges after a crash or accident
      Drink Driving Charges After a Crash or Accident

      If you are facing drink driving charges after a crash or accident, you may be concerned about being sentenced to a term of imprisonment. There will generally be a police investigation after any car accident. This will involve you being submitted to a breath test. If any alcohol is detected in your breath, you may […]

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      drive under influence
      New Research Casts Doubt on Roadside Saliva Tests for Drive Under Influence (DUI) Cases

      New research has cast doubt on the accuracy of roadside saliva tests in drive under influence (DUI) cases. Police throughout the country use saliva-based tests for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in cannabis. But researchers from the University of Sydney’s Lambert Initiative found that the levels of THC in a person’s system do not directly […]

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      Mobile Phone Camera
      The Law, Defences and Penalties for Drive Under Influence (DUI)

      Traffic cameras have captured a shocking image of a driver appearing to snort a substance off a mobile phone while driving. Driving Under the Influence of a Drug is ordinarily seen by the Courts as a serious offence. The seriousness of this offence would be significantly amplified if a driver is also using a mobile […]

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      Hound breathalyser can test drivers for more than just alcohol levels
      New device to test level of cannabis in drivers system

      Driving with cannabis or THC in your system in NSW Driving with a prescribed illicit drug in your oral fluid, blood or urine is an offence in New South Wales under s.111(1) of the Road Transport Act. Prescribed illicit drugs include: No requirement to prove that your driving is affected Unlike drink driving, there is […]

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