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      how to beat a drink driving charge
      How to Get a Section 10 for Mid-Range Drink Driving NSW

      If you have been charged by Police, you will likely be querying how to get a section 10 for mid-range drink driving in NSW. The prospect of attending Court, receiving a criminal conviction and losing your driving license can seem daunting. This can have consequences for your career as well as family responsibilities. While avoiding […]

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      r plates australia
      Drink Driving Charges After a Crash or Accident

      If you are facing drink driving charges after a crash or accident, you may be concerned about being sentenced to a term of imprisonment. There will generally be a police investigation after any car accident. This will involve you being submitted to a breath test. If any alcohol is detected in your breath, you may […]

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      tim smith drink driving accident
      Liberal MP Tim Smith Drink Driving Charge After Accident

      Liberal MP Tim Smith has been charged with drink driving after an accident with a fence which wrote off his vehicle. Despite earlier being equivocal about whether he would remain in politics, the former shadow cabinet minister announced that he would in fact quit politics at the next state election. Mr Smith was breath tested […]

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      angie kent drink driving charge
      Bachelorette Angie Kent Convicted of Drink Driving

      Former bachelorette Angie Kent has been lambasted by a Magistrate after pleading guilty to a drink driving charge. The former TV star was fined and disqualified from driving at Downing Centre Local Court. The Magistrate made particular reference to the 31-year-old’s lengthy traffic record and prior drink driving offence. Angie Kent Drink Driving The court […]

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      drink driving
      Complete Guide to Drink Driving Charges

      Drink driving offences carry significant disqualification periods. Many also carry terms of imprisonment. As such, it is crucial to be aware of the various drink driving offences as well as possible defences. These offences are based on the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) in a person’s system. For this reason, they are sometime referred to […]

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