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      how to get drug charges dropped
      How to get drug charges dropped

      The question of how to get drug charges dropped is one that criminal defence lawyers deal with on a regular basis. A specialist drug lawyer will be able to examine your case and advise whether police have not followed any required procedures. They will also be able to determine whether there are any technical defences […]

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      Possess Prohibited Drug Charges to be Replaced with Fines?

      The NSW government has unveiled a plan to potentially replace possess prohibited drug charges with fines. Attorney-General Mark Speakman revealed the proposal to have offenders issued with a $400 fine or a requirement to undergo health treatment instead of facing court. This is a somewhat similar position to Queensland, where minor drug possession matters are […]

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      cocaine possession
      NRL Star Charged with Cocaine Possession

      Another NRL star has been arrested and charged with cocaine possession after not complying with a move on direction. Warriors player Reece Walsh was arrested during a night out on the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise party strip. The Gold Coast-born 19-year-old admitted to using and possessing cocaine in a public statement. Warriors chief executive Cameron […]

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      cannabis oil
      Over the Counter Medicinal Cannabis Oil Legalised

      In positive news for those advocating the legalisation of cannabis, low-dose cannabis oil can now be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription. At present, there are no products approved for sale, but this is expected to change in the near future. Significantly, it is only low-dose oil that will be available and the products cannot […]

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      Police Strip Searches

      It’s becoming a common scenario. You’ve been found with some MDMA capsules. A plain-clothes police officer has stopped you. Police have taken you to a cordoned off area and they’re telling you that you need to submit to a strip search. While the police do have the power to strip search its use is becoming […]

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      Penalty notices for drug possession

      As of 25 January 2019 NSW Police now have the power and discretion to issue penalty notices for people who are caught in possession of a small quantity of prohibited drugs. Previously the only way to avoid court if you were found in possession of prohibited drugs was under the cannabis cautioning scheme. Even then […]

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      Spotlight back on pill testing in New South Wales

      Following the death of two people from suspected drug overdoses at Defqon 1 the issue of pill testing at music festivals is back in the spotlight. While there are strong arguments on both sides the NSW Government has publicly completely ruled out any trial of pill testing. It has also threatened to cancel Defqon 1.  […]

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      Sniffer dogs at music festivals
      Posted By , on August 21, 2017

      As a result of recent deaths blamed on prohibited drugs police are increasing their presence at music festivals across NSW. This means that you are more likely to encounter drug dogs or sniffer dogs at music festivals. Everyone would like to hope that it will never happen to them. But what if it you were […]

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