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      fake id australia
      Is It Illegal to Have a Fake ID in Australia?

      Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable growth in the prominence of fake IDs in Australia and questions around whether they are illegal. With websites openly selling these IDs, many have questioned what the potential consequences of possessing such an item is. It is well-established that you can be charged by Police […]

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      Burwood Local Court
      Making a False Statement to Police

      A female disability worker has been jailed for making a false statement to police, stealing jewellery and cash from her disabled and terminally ill patients. 47-year-old Violeta Hansen appeared before Burwood Local Court charged with 15 fraud related charges. She was sentenced to an overall term of imprisonment of 24 months. The presiding Magistrate was […]

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      is doxxing illegal in australia
      How to get fraud charges dropped

      Criminal defence lawyers regularly see dishonesty cases where they need to determine how to get fraud charges dropped. Due to the complex nature of fraud cases, police evidence may be insufficient or the prosecution may be unable to prove a crucial element of the offence. There are also a number of different types of fraud […]

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      false allegations domestic violence
      Woman to Avoid Jail for False Domestic Violence Allegations

      A woman who made numerous false allegations of domestic violence against her boyfriend has pleaded guilty to five perjury charges. 21-year-old Makaela Bacon contacted police throughout 2020 which resulted in Bryce Cadby, who only has the use of half of his body, being arrested twice. She claimed that he sexually assaulted her, attacked her with […]

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      is stealing mail illegal
      Is Stealing Mail Illegal in Australia?

      Stealing mail is a criminal offence in Australia. There are significant penalties including gaol sentences and fines. Mail theft in Australia is a serious offence. This is because it is often a precursor to fraud and identity theft. If you are charged with stealing mail, you should speak to an experienced criminal defence lawyer as […]

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      amber heard perjury
      Australian Investigation into Amber Heard Perjury Charges

      Australian authorities are investigating a possible perjury offence committed by Amber Heard during a court case in 2016. Local officers may seek assistance from the FBI as most of the witnesses reside overseas. The investigation came about after Heard lost a high-profile defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Certain information was disclosed during that trial […]

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      guy sebastian fraud charges
      Guy Sebastian Manager Claims Fraud Charges Were Revenge for AVO
      Posted By , on May 24, 2022

      The trial of the former manager of Guy Sebastian has heard that an AVO was applied for against the singer just days before Sebastian went to police. Titus Emanuel Day is facing fraud charges based on allegations made by the former Australian idol winner. Mr Sebastian originally commenced civil proceedings against Mr Day in 2018. […]

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      boris becker fraud
      Tennis Legend Boris Becker Sentenced to Jail for Fraud
      Posted By , on May 2, 2022

      Tennis great Boris Becker has been sentenced to jail for fraud charges after being found guilty of hiding over $4 million in assets. The six-time grand slam champion transferred money to two of his former partners after he had declared bankruptcy. The judge remarked that he had shown “no remorse” and did not accept his […]

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      dishonestly obtain advantage by deception ASIC
      Financial Advisor Jailed for Dishonestly Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception

      A former financial advisor has been sentenced to jail for dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception after unlawfully giving clients early access to their superannuation funds. Ahmed Saad used his position as the sole director of a wealth management company to charge fees to clients, claiming he provided financial services to them. However, Australian Securities […]

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      bernard nash drink driving charges
      Man Has Drink Driving Charges Dismissed but Is Jailed for Perjury

      A man who was found not guilty to drink driving charges after giving false evidence has been jailed for perjury. Bernard Andrew Nash successfully sued NSW police after lying under oath during his drink driving case. However, ten years later the real estate agent was found guilty of two perjury charges. They related to false […]

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