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      can police impound your vehicle nsw
      When Can Police Impound Your Car?

      If Police impound your car or confiscate your number plates on the spot, it can be a distressing experience. However, there are only certain circumstances when they are allowed to do so. There are also avenues to appeal such a decision which can allow your vehicle or number plates to be returned to you. Despite […]

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      good behaviour licence NSW
      Good Behaviour Licence NSW

      A good behaviour licence in NSW is a topic of much conjecture. There are different requirements in different states for such a licence. This extends to the application process as well as the conditions while a person is subject to such a licence. What is a Good Behaviour Licence? A good behaviour licence allows a […]

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      r plates australia
      ‘R’ Plates Australia

      New ‘R’ plates will soon be appearing in Australia. The aim of the plates are to help encourage extra consideration for drivers recovering from trauma. Australian service and repair company Mycar Tyre & Auto, formerly Kmart Tyre & Auto, has created the scheme to identify drivers returning to the road. The motivation behind the initiative […]

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      how to beat a drink driving charge
      How to beat a Drink Driving Charge

      A common question criminal lawyers face is how to beat a drink driving charge. While many people are aware of the repercussions of drink driving, there is less knowledge about possible defences. While you may feel the only option available is to plead guilty and accept the consequences, this is not always true. How to […]

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      Image captured by mobile phone detection camera
      Mobile Phone Camera Locations [Update 2024]

      NSW Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Background of mobile phone detection cameras in NSW Mobile phone detection cameras were trialled in New South Wales between January and June 2019. The trial consisted of two fixed cameras and relocatable cameras which were moved approximately every 4 days. During that trial over 8.5 million vehicles were checked and […]

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      Police RBT site
      Random breath testing NSW

      Police have broad powers when it comes to random breath testing in New South Wales. In fact, a police officer can decide to stop and breath test RBT you without any reason other than because you are or were driving a motor vehicle on a road. Despite this, there are some exceptions where it is […]

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      Is drink driving a criminal offence
      Is Drink Driving a Criminal Offence?

      One of the most common questions traffic lawyers have to answer relates to whether drink driving is a criminal offence. While it is widely acknowledged now that drink driving offences are serious and prevalent, many people still believe that they are just traffic offences that do not come with a criminal record. Is drink driving […]

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      Legal jargon explained in simple terms
      Glossary of Legal Terms

      Going to court and having to hire a lawyer can be stressful enough so the last thing you want is your lawyer speaking to you in another language with all their legal lingo!

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      lawyer salary australia
      Lawyer Salary Australia – How Much Do Lawyers Make in Australia? 2024 UPDATE

      Many people believe that the average lawyer salary in Australia is amongst the highest earning in Australia, but is that actually the case? And what areas of law pay the highest salaries? Thanks to a recent release of statistics by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), we can now reveal the highest paid jobs in Australia. […]

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      Myth v Fact
      Top 5 Drink Driving Myths

      Drink driving myths are incredibly common. As criminal and traffic lawyers in NSW we talk to and represent people charged with drink driving every day. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions and addressed a few urban myths that need busting.   The top 5 most common drink driving myths are below. 1. […]

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