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      Driving While Disqualified
      The Law, Defences and Penalties for Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

      Police have charged 32-year-old Wilbert Gabrielle Guevara with Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death, amongst other charges after he collided with 27-year-old Maria Alejandra Landazabal Contreras who was waiting at a red light. She was riding a scooter and tragically lost her life at Liverpool Hospital a few hours after the incident. Significantly, Mr Guevara was disqualified […]

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      how to get off a mobile phone fine
      How to contest a mobile phone fine offence

      A regular questions traffic lawyers deal with is how to get off a mobile phone fine offence. Using a mobile phone while driving in New South Wales is a serious offence. The NSW Government attempted to decrease road injuries and fatalities by implementing the Mobile Phone Detection Camera Program.  This has lead to a significant […]

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      Electric scooter laws in NSW [Update 2023]
      Posted By , on March 12, 2023

      Electric scooters are gaining popularity in Australia. Advances in technology mean that they are now capable of longer ranges, increased speeds, and shorter charging times. Specialist scooter stores such as Scooter Hut stock a wide range of scooters ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $4000. They are quiet, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and can […]

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      How to get charges dropped before the court date
      Can Police Ask for ID in NSW

      To the average layperson, a common question they may ask is, can police ask for ID in NSW? While police have a significant number of powers to compel citizens to provide information, this is not unlimited. For the most part, these powers are contained in legislation which make them easily accessible. The following information will […]

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      How to get charges dropped before the court date
      The Offence of Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

      An 18-year-old has gained national attention after being charged with dangerous driving occasioning death. Tyrell Edwards was refused bail at Picton Local Court after being involved in a car crash that killed five teenagers in south-west of Sydney. The labourer claimed that a steering malfunction caused the accident. However, police allege that their expert evidence […]

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      Kate Ritchie low range drink driving
      Kate Ritchie Loses Licence for Low Range Drink Driving

      Australian media personality Kate Ritchie has lost her driver’s licence for three months after being fined for low range drink driving. No court date was given – rather she was handed an infringement along with an immediate licence suspension. The 44-year-old took to Instagram to apologise following the incident. Since then, the Australia’s Got Talent […]

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      karen williams drink driving accident
      Mayor Karen Williams Sentenced for Drink Driving Charges

      Mayor Karen Williams has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service for drink driving charges. The Redland politician also had her licence disqualified for six months at Cleveland Magistrates Court. No conviction was recorded against her. This is despite her colliding with tree.    Sentencing for Drink Driving Charges Karen Williams was charged with […]

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      drink driving
      Evidence in Drink Driving Case Excluded Due to Police Brutality

      A magistrate has excluded evidence in a drink driving case after finding that police used unlawful force when dealing with the accused. Magistrate James Lawton labelled the behaviour of the officers ‘deplorable’ and that their conduct needed to be denounced. He held that evidence of the defendant’s failure to supply a sample at the road […]

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      drink driving charges after a crash or accident
      Drink Driving Charges After a Crash or Accident

      If you are facing drink driving charges after a crash or accident, you may be concerned about being sentenced to a term of imprisonment. There will generally be a police investigation after any car accident. This will involve you being submitted to a breath test. If any alcohol is detected in your breath, you may […]

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      How to get charges dropped before the court date
      Is there a Statute of Limitations in Australia?
      Posted By , on July 7, 2022

      When a person is charged with a criminal or traffic offence after a long delay, they may ask ‘is there a statute of limitations in Australia?’ In many jurisdictions, this question will be determined based on how serious the offence is. The seriousness of a charge will determine how the case proceeds in court. It […]

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