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      how to beat a drink driving charge
      How to beat a Drink Driving Charge

      A common question criminal lawyers face is how to beat a drink driving charge. While many people are aware of the repercussions of drink driving, there is less knowledge about possible defences. While you may feel the only option available is to plead guilty and accept the consequences, this is not always true. How to […]

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      Police RBT site
      Random breath testing NSW

      Police have broad powers when it comes to random breath testing in New South Wales. In fact, a police officer can decide to stop and breath test RBT you without any reason other than because you are or were driving a motor vehicle on a road. Despite this, there are some exceptions where it is […]

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      Is drink driving a criminal offence
      Is Drink Driving a Criminal Offence?

      One of the most common questions traffic lawyers have to answer relates to whether drink driving is a criminal offence. While it is widely acknowledged now that drink driving offences are serious and prevalent, many people still believe that they are just traffic offences that do not come with a criminal record. Is drink driving […]

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      Myth v Fact
      Top 5 Drink Driving Myths

      Drink driving myths are incredibly common. As criminal and traffic lawyers in NSW we talk to and represent people charged with drink driving every day. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions and addressed a few urban myths that need busting.   The top 5 most common drink driving myths are below. 1. […]

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      how to beat a drink driving charge
      How to Get a Section 10 for Mid-Range Drink Driving NSW

      If you have been charged by Police, you will likely be querying how to get a section 10 for mid-range drink driving in NSW. The prospect of attending Court, receiving a criminal conviction and losing your driving license can seem daunting. This can have consequences for your career as well as family responsibilities. While avoiding […]

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      Kate Ritchie low range drink driving
      Kate Ritchie Loses Licence for Low Range Drink Driving

      Australian media personality Kate Ritchie has lost her driver’s licence for three months after being fined for low range drink driving. No court date was given – rather she was handed an infringement along with an immediate licence suspension. The 44-year-old took to Instagram to apologise following the incident. Since then, the Australia’s Got Talent […]

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      karen williams drink driving accident
      Mayor Karen Williams Sentenced for Drink Driving Charges

      Mayor Karen Williams has been sentenced to 80 hours of community service for drink driving charges. The Redland politician also had her licence disqualified for six months at Cleveland Magistrates Court. No conviction was recorded against her. This is despite her colliding with tree.    Sentencing for Drink Driving Charges Karen Williams was charged with […]

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      r plates australia
      Drink Driving Charges After a Crash or Accident

      If you are facing drink driving charges after a crash or accident, you may be concerned about being sentenced to a term of imprisonment. There will generally be a police investigation after any car accident. This will involve you being submitted to a breath test. If any alcohol is detected in your breath, you may […]

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      daniel johns high range drink driving accident crash
      Silverchair Singer Daniel Johns Guilty of High Range Drink Driving After Accident
      Posted By , on June 7, 2022

      Silverchair singer Daniel Johns has pleaded guilty to high range drink driving after a car accident in the Hunter region of NSW. As a result of the crash, a 55-year-old woman was taken to John Hunter Hospital. Following the charges being laid, Johns’ released a public statement stating that he had been using alcohol to […]

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      patricia hadjia high range drink driving
      Patricia Hadjia Avoids Jail for High Range Drink Driving

      Instagram influencer Patricia Hadjia has narrowly avoided jail for high range drink driving after crashing into multiple cars and flipping the vehicle she was in. Following the accident, both herself and a passenger had to free themselves from the wreckage. She appeared at Waverley Local Court where she was sentenced to community service. High Range […]

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