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    Multi-millionaire Chris Nasser has vowed to fight an AVO laid against him by police, after a messy separation where his wife left him for his business partner.

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      chris nasser fight avo

      Multi-Millionaire Chris Nasser Vows to Fight AVO

      Multi-millionaire Chris Nasser has vowed to fight an AVO laid against him by police.

      Officers applied for an apprehended domestic violence order for the protection of his estranged wife, Hollie Nasser.

      The case is listed at Downing Centre Local Court in mid-December.

      AVO Applied for After Messy Separation

      Police applied for an AVO against Chris Nasser after a messy separation where his wife left the publican for his business partner, Charlie Atkin.

      Mr Aitken last week confirmed his split from his own wife of 19 years, Ellie Aitken, and announced he was now dating Ms Nasser, Ms Aitken’s former best friend.

      “I can confirm I am separated from Ellie Aitken and am in a relationship with Hollie Nasser. My sole focus is my children and I’ll make no further comment”, Mr Aitken said.

      Prior to November, the Aitken and Nasser couples appeared close. Mr Nasser was a founding investor and director at Mr Aitken’s fund management company.

      The couples often posted themselves on social media together. They were also regularly seen socialising together at various events across Sydney.

      Mr Nasser did not wish to comment on the breakdown of the couples’ relationship stating, “It is a private matter and I do not wish to go into any detail about it”.

      Hollie Nasser Leaves Company

      Hollie Nasser resigned as director of Mr Aitken’s company board following the separation.

      Elle Aitken maintained an executive position at her husband’s company until the weekend of 13-14 November 2021.

      Two weeks ago Mr Aitken informed his investors he would be “taking a short leave of absence to attend to a personal matter”.

      In just October 2021, Ms Aitken posted a birthday message to Ms Nasser, writing that she was “so lucky to have you in my life…Here’s to sharing many more good times together in the years to come.”

      Charlie Aitken and Elle Aitken

      Chris Nasser to Fight AVO

      Chris Nasser was adamant that he would fight the AVO stating, “I categorically deny the allegations. They are totally baseless…It is disappointing.”

      The publican added that he had been deeply hurt by the events that had unravelled.

      Police, acting on behalf of Hollie Nasser, applied for an AVO which is listed on 15 December 2021 at Downing Centre Court.

      The AVO is only on the mandatory conditions, which stipulate that Mr Nasser should not “assault, threaten, stalk or intimidate” Ms Nasser, amongst other things.

      AVO Lawyers Sydney

      An AVO is an apprehended violence order. It is a Court order imposed on a person for the protection of another person (or persons).

      There have been a number of recent examples of AVOs being withdrawn and/or dismissed after retaining experienced AVO lawyers. You can view some of those cases by clicking here.

      We have offices throughout the Sydney metropolitan area where you can speak to Sydney, Liverpool and Parramatta Criminal Lawyers. We can arrange a conference for you with a Law Society Accredited Specialist in AVOs. Call Astor Legal on (02) 7804 2823. Or, you can email

      There are some mandatory conditions that come with an AVO, and then there are other optional conditions. These conditions restrict the behaviour of the person on whom the AVO is imposed.

      As an AVO is not a criminal conviction, it will not appear on any Police check. However, an AVO may place restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Some common examples of conditions are:

      • You cannot approach or contact a particular person or persons;
      • You cannot enter a particular premises;
      • You cannot go within a certain distance of a particular location;
      • You cannot be in the company of a particular person within 12 hours of consuming alcohol.

      Because of this, people commonly ask how to get an AVO dismissed. To answer this question, AVO lawyers refer to Section 16 of the Act which sets out the factors that must be proved on the balance of probabilities for an AVO to be made:

      1. The alleged victim has reasonable grounds to fear a personal violence offence from you; and

      2. The alleged victim, fears a personal violence offence from you unless:

      a) The alleged victim is under 16 years of age

      b) The alleged victim has a mental impairment

      c) the alleged victim has, in the past, been subject to a personal violence offence from you and the court believes there is a reasonable likelihood of it occurring again.

      3. It is appropriate to make an AVO in the terms sought.

      If any of these matters cannot be proved, then the AVO will not be made.

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