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      Alice Sebold sexual assault
      Conviction for Sexual Assault of ‘The Lovely Bones’ Author Alice Sebold Overturned

      A man who spent 16 years in jail after being accused by Lovely Bones author Alice Sebold of sexual assault has had his conviction overturned. Anthony Broadwater, who is now 61-years-old, always maintained his innocence. The overturning of the conviction was supported by prosecutors, who accepted that he should never have been found guilty. Broadwater […]

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      renne herbert elisha herbert brother
      Backlash After Climate Activist Jailed for Stopping Coal Train

      A family who rose to fame on Instagram have defended the actions of their climate activist brother who climbed a train to disrupt the coal industry. Eric Serge Herbert, a 22-year-old from the Sunshine Coast, was jailed for his actions when he appeared at Newcastle Local Court. His triplet sisters Renee and Elisha Herbert have […]

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      police access qr code data
      Police Banned from Accessing QR Code Data

      New South Wales has banned Police from accessing QR Code Data after a spate of cases where it data was used to investigate crimes. The bill was championed by a number of politicians and successfully passed both houses of NSW parliament. Concerns were raised in a number of states which has led to legislation passing […]

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      craig wheatman sexual assault
      Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of 92-Year-Old in Sydney

      A Sydney man will be sentenced to gaol after pleading guilty to sexual assault of a 92-year-old woman. Craig Anthony Wheatman broke into a house in Sydney’s inner-west, in the early hours of 23 January 2021. Most details of the offending are too graphic to publish. Wheatman’s criminal lawyers accepted that a sentence of full-time […]

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      craig thomson fraud
      Former Labor MP Craig Thomson Granted Bail for Fraud Charges

      Former Labor MP Craig Thomson has been granted bail for fraud charges, following an investigation into an alleged multimillion-dollar migration scam. This follows the 57-year-old previously being found guilty of Thomson appeared at Gosford Local Court by video link for the release application. His case will return to court in February 2022. Craig Thomson Fraud […]

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      William tyrell foster parents charged with common assault
      William Tyrell Foster Parents Charged with Common Assault

      William Tyrrell’s foster parents have been charged with common assault of a child. This comes less than a day after police applied for an apprehended violence order (AVO) against the pair. Both cases are listed at Hornsby Local Court in late November 2021. These charges do not relate to William Tyrrell. Court Attendance Notice Served […]

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      tim smith drink driving accident
      Politician Faces Drink Driving Charge After Accident

      Liberal MP Tim Smith has been charged with drink driving after an accident with a fence which wrote off his vehicle. Despite earlier being equivocal about whether he would remain in politics, the former shadow cabinet minister announced that he would in fact quit politics at the next state election. Mr Smith was breath tested […]

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      William tyrell foster parents charged with common assault
      Police Apply for AVO Against William Tyrrell’s Foster Parents

      NSW Police have applied for an apprehended violence order (AVO) against both of William Tyrrell’s foster parents. The AVO was taken out on behalf of a person who cannot be identified for legal reasons. The case will be heard at Hornsby Local Court later in November 2021. This is on the heels of police beginning […]

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      peng shuai sexual assault
      Tennis Star Silenced After Accusing Former Chinese Leader of Sexual Assault

      A tennis star who took to social media to accuse a former Chinese government official of sexual assault has had her post removed. Peng Shuai became the latest woman to join China’s #MeToo movement when she accused 75-year-old former vice premier Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault. Shuai’s account were removed within 30 minutes of the […]

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      rideshare charged with sexual assault
      Fake Rideshare Driver Charged with Sexual Assault

      A 43-year-old man has been charged with sexual assault after pretending to be a rideshare driver. Police will allege that the man assaulted three women aged between 19 and 21 years old. The accused was arrested after covert investigations suggested he was responsible for the offences. It follows news that ride share app Lyft received […]

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      Terence Darrell Kelly kidnapping charges
      Terence Darrell Kelly Charged with Kidnapping Cleo Smith

      Terence Darrell Kelly, a man who lived just 7 minutes away from Cleo Smith, has been charged with kidnapping her. The 36-year-old is accused of abducting Cleo Smith from her family tent. Four-year-old Smith was held captive for 18 days in his house. Kelly was arrested by Police and appeared before Carnarvon Magistrates Court where […]

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      domestic violence charges dropped
      How to Get Domestic Violence Charges Dropped – Step by Step Guide

      The criminal justice system regularly deals with persons who make a complaint to police about their partner, but later decide that they want to know how to get domestic violence charges dropped. There may also be circumstances where a complainant has explicitly told police that they do not want their partner charged, but police lay […]

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      avo parkes
      Man Jailed for Breach of AVO at Parkes Local Court

      A man has been jailed for choking charges and breaching an AVO at Parkes Local Court. Lachlan Forbes Lilley was sentenced to 14 months in prison with a non-parole period of nine months after being found guilty of contravening a restriction in an AVO and intentionally choking a person without their consent. The 23-year-old was […]

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      sexual intercourse with child charges
      Referee Jailed for Sexual Intercourse with Child

      A junior rugby league referee has been jailed for 16 years after pleading guilty to numerous sexual intercourse with child charges. Dale Whiteman appeared at Wollongong District Court to be sentenced for sexual assault and grooming charges relating to 22 girls over a 15 year period. He was jailed on Friday for 16 years overall. […]

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      angie kent drink driving charge
      Bachelorette Angie Kent Convicted of Drink Driving

      Former bachelorette Angie Kent has been lambasted by a Magistrate after pleading guilty to a drink driving charge. The former TV star was fined and disqualified from driving at Downing Centre Local Court. The Magistrate made particular reference to the 31-year-old’s lengthy traffic record and prior drink driving offence. Angie Kent Drink Driving The court […]

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      proceeds of crime charges
      Man Granted Bail for Proceeds of Crime Charges Disappears

      A man who was granted bail for proceeds of crime charges has disappeared after cutting off his ankle monitor. Mostafa Baluch is accused of masterminding a 900kg cocaine shipment into Australia. However, he was granted bail when he agreed to forfeit his $4million property and wear an ankle monitor. Police described him as “dangerous” and […]

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      supplying commercial quantity prohibited drugs
      Sydney Socialite Jailed for Supplying Commercial Quantity of Prohibited Drugs

      A Sydney socialite will appeal his sentence for supplying a commercial quantity of prohibited drugs after receiving an eight-year jail term. Matthew James Doyle pleaded guilty to supplying over 300kg of drugs and dealing with over $500,000 in proceeds of crime. The 33-year-old was arrested in 2019 after he told undercover police he was willing […]

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      sexual touching charges
      Sydney Paramedic Guilty of Sexual Touching Charges at Train Stations

      A Sydney paramedic who used his position to prey on young women at train stations has been jailed on sexual touching charges. Peter John Thistlethwaite was found guilty by a jury of exploiting eight female victims, the youngest being 17-years-old while on duty. Expert evidence at trial had proven that his medical examinations were unnecessary […]

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      airport drug importation
      Sydney Airport Employees Facing Drug Importation Charges

      Six Sydney airport employees are facing drug importation charges after a large commercial quantity of prohibited drugs were intercepted on an international aircraft. Most of the defendants are from western Sydney suburbs and were arrested before being taken to police stations. Search warrants were also executed on their homes where various items of interest were […]

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      ron brierley child pornography charges
      Knighthood Revoked After Ron Brierley Jailed for Possession of Child Pornography Charges

      Prominent businessman Ron Brierley has been jailed for possession of child pornography charges. The 84-year-old was sentenced at Downing Centre District Court in relation to almost 50,000 images found on various devices. Since he entered guilty pleas his knighthood has been revoked. Numerous charitable organisations have also cut ties with him. He will be eligible […]

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      AVO lawyers liverpool
      Police Apply for AVO and Lay Assault Charges Against Former Prison Guard

      Police have applied for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) and laid assault charges against a former prison officer who recently escaped jail time over a relationship with an inmate. Melissa Maree Goodwin is accused of biting Rebels bikie Caleb Valeri during an argument at his home in Liverpool, in Sydney’s west, in September 2021. She […]

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      bank fraud charges
      Banker Facing Over 100 Fraud Charges

      Former banker Sara Daizli is facing over 100 fraud charges and is alleged to be the mastermind behind an elaborate syndicate that targeted elderly clients. The former St George Bank had previously been charged with 15 fraud offences, for which she was on bail. However, further investigation by police led to the additional charges being […]

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      cocaine possession
      NRL Star Charged with Cocaine Possession

      Another NRL star has been arrested and charged with cocaine possession after not complying with a move on direction. Warriors player Reece Walsh was arrested during a night out on the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise party strip. The Gold Coast-born 19-year-old admitted to using and possessing cocaine in a public statement. Warriors chief executive Cameron […]

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      school zone speed limit
      School Zone Speed Limits During Lockdown

      With fewer children going to school during NSW lockdown orders, motorists regularly ask what is school zone speed limits during lockdown. Media reporting during the lockdown suggested there was confusion over whether the school zones were still in effect. This is supported to a degree by data that revealed $30.7 million in fines were handed […]

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      polygamy bigamy
      Is Bigamy or Polygamy Legal in Australia?

      Polygamy in Australia is illegal. Polygamy refers to a person having more than one marriage at the same time. It comes from ancient Greece where the word meant “married to many” or “often married”. Legislation has been enacted that makes it a criminal offence to marry more than one person. This offence is known as […]

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      money laundering
      More People Charged with Money Laundering in George Alex Construction Boss Case

      Two more people have been charged with money laundering in the criminal case involving construction boss George Alex. Peter Kay, the brother-in-law of Mr Alex, has now been charged over the alleged $20 million tax fraud and money laundering scheme. Prosecutors allege the scheme was run by George Alex and well-known crime figure Michael Ibrahim. […]

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      sexual intercourse with child
      Catholic Church Fail to Stop Child Sexual Abuse Case

      The Catholic church has failed in its bid to permanently stay a case alleging a priest sexually abused a child in the 1960s. The NSW Supreme Court rejected the application in relation to proceedings brought by a woman who alleged that she was sexually assaulted as a 14-year-old. The priest who was the alleged perpetrator […]

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      avow app
      AVOW App Developed to Encourage Compliance with AVOs

      The new AVOW app aimed at increasing compliance with AVOs (Apprehended Violence Orders) has been launched in NSW. With its development funded by the NSW government, the mobile app is designed to provide information about court processes and the consequences of breaching an Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs). There are also features that allow users […]

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      assault charges
      Man Who Glassed Victim Facing Jail for Assault Charges

      A man has pleaded guilty to assault charges after he smashed a schooner of beer on his victim’s face. Matthew McAlister was alleged to have punched Leo Rivaud in the face at the Glasgow Arms Hotel in Sydney in June 2020. The 35-year-old is expected to face jail time due to the severity of the […]

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      corruption charges
      Union Boss Darren Greenfield & ex-NRL Star Son Face Corruption Charges

      A union boss and his ex-NRL star son are facing corruption charges after allegedly receiving bribes from the director of a construction company. Prosecutors allege that Darren Greenfield, the secretary of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and his son Michael Greenfield took four $5,000 bribes at meetings that were caught on camera, […]

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      fair trading charges
      Scott Morrison’s Nephew Faces Fair Trading Charges

      Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s nephew has appeared at Parramatta Local Court to face fair trading charges based on allegations that he took money from customers but failed to complete work properly. Mitchell James Cole was charged by NSW Department of Fair Trading with a number of offences alleged to have occurred through his work as […]

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      breach avo andrew o'keefe
      Andrew O’Keefe Charged with Assault and Breach of AVO

      Former TV star Andrew O’Keefe has been charged with assault and breaching an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) just two months after having similar charges dismissed in court. The 49-year-old was arrested by police in an apartment on Kent Street in Sydney’s CBD. Police alleged that they received a report of domestic violence incident earlier in […]

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      retirement home drug supply
      Grandfather Charged with Drug Supply at Retirement Home

      A Sydney grandfather has been charged with drug supply at his retirement home. 62-year-old Gary Halford was arrested after allegedly supplying prohibited drugs from his unit at the Mountainview ­Retreat Retirement Village in Dural. Other residents of the retirement complex spoke to the media following the arrest and expressed their suspicions. In total, Mr Halford […]

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      avo appeal
      Steve ‘Commando’ Willis’ Ex-Client Has AVO Dismissed on Appeal

      A former client of The Biggest Loser trainer Steve ‘Commando’ Willis has had an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) dismissed on appeal. The celebrity trainer had alleged that Jun ‘Margaret’ Yue had been stalking him after they had a dispute over her non-payment of some of his fees. In October 2020, a Local Court Magistrate made the AVO […]

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      mal lanyon
      Inquiry into NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon Abuse of Paramedics

      A parliamentary hearing into NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon has heard he engaged in a drunken tirade against a paramedic. NSW Police commissioner Mick Fuller also appeared at the hearing and said he was “disappointed” in Mr Lanyon’s actions. Mr Fuller engaged in a tense back and forth with politicians including Greens MP David […]

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      criminal lawyer
      What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do?

      One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, what does a criminal lawyer do? Contrary to popular belief, criminal defence lawyers represent persons from many different socio-economic backgrounds. Their clients can include tradespeople, CEOs, taxi drivers, celebrities, corporations, directors, bankers and working parents. The criminal justice system is based on the concept that […]

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      child abuse allegations family court
      Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Family Court

      New data on child sexual abuse allegations in the Family Court has revealed that in contested cases, only 14 per cent of the abuse allegations were found to be true. The research spanned over seven years and dealt with published decisions where judges had expressed a view as to the veracity of child abuse claims. […]

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      lockdown protest
      Anti-Lockdown Protester Accused of Punching Horse Granted Bail

      A Sydney anti-lockdown protester accused of punching a police horse has been granted bail after video footage of the incident emerged. Kristian Pulkownik was forced to spend three weeks in custody before a Magistrate released him on strict bail conditions. The 33-year-old has vowed to fight some of the charges which include animal cruelty and […]

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      brian houston hillsong
      Hillsong Founder Brian Houston Charged with Concealing Child Sexual Abuse

      Following a two-year investigation, the founder of Hillsong megachurch – Brian Houston – has been charged with concealing information about child sexual abuse. The charges relate to Mr Houston failing to report the historic alleged abuse of a young male by his late father — Frank Houston. After the news broke, the board of Hillsong […]

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      brittany higgins allegations
      Man Charged with Sexual Assault of Brittany Higgins

      Almost six months after Police commenced an investigation into the Brittany Higgins allegations, a 26-year-old man has been charged with sexual assault. Ms Higgins – a former government adviser – alleged that the incident took place in Parliament House two years ago. Her revelations shocked the nation and created a political firestorm, resulting in a […]

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      false sexual assault allegations
      False Sexual Assault Allegations

      Police have confirmed that a former politician who was claims he was forced to resign due to false sexual assault allegations will not face any charges. Former Nationals MP Michael Johnsen will not face sexual assault charges over allegations involving a sex worker that were aired in parliament in early 2021. Mr Johnsen resigned following […]

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      affirmative consent
      Affirmative Consent to be Introduced in NSW

      Affirmative consent will be introduced in NSW after a review by the Law Reform Commission (NSWLRC) into sexual assault legislation. New South Wales Attorney-General Mark Speakman announced a raft of reforms to sexual assault consent laws which go even further than what was proposed by the NSWLRC. The review of consent laws was prompted by […]

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      andrew perish drug supply
      Andrew Perish Charged with Drug Supply of Over $1 million of Ice
      Posted By , on July 4, 2021

      A Sydney man who was involved in the murder of a police informant has been charged with drug supply of over $1 million of methylamphetamine – also known as ‘Ice’. Andrew Perish is alleged to have been part of a criminal group that supplied close to 18kg of pseudoephedrine and 4.5kg of methylamphetamine (ice) throughout […]

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      bill cosby sexual assault
      Criminal Lawyer Explains Why the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Charges Were Dismissed on Appeal
      Posted By , on July 3, 2021

      Television icon Bill Cosby is now a free man after he was successful in appealing his conviction for sexual assault charges. It brings to an end a lengthy ordeal which involved multiple trials and the elderly comedian spending three years in custody. The charges stemmed from allegations that he had drugged and sexually assaulted Andrea […]

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      sexual intercourse with child
      Soccer Coach Pleads Guilty to Multiple Sexual Intercourse with Child Charges
      Posted By , on July 2, 2021

      A youth soccer coach from western Sydney has pleaded guilty to a number of sexual intercourse with child charges as well as child abuse material charges. Grant Harden, a 31-year-old from St Clair appeared at Central Local Court via videolink and entered pleas of guilty to 179 charges in total. Investigators also allege that he […]

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      breach avo andrew o'keefe
      Andrew O’Keefe Has Domestic Violence Assault Charges Dismissed Due to Mental Health

      Television star Andrew O’Keefe has had domestic violence assault charges dismissed after a successful mental health application, however he remains subject to an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). Five months after he was arrested, a Court has heard that Mr O’Keefe was in a manic state of bipolar at the time of the incident. The incident […]

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      child abuse allegations family court
      Woman Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Two Boys

      A woman has pleaded guilty to child sexual assault charges of two boys – leaving one of them with sexually transmitted infections. Amy Balcombe entered pleas of guilty at Newcastle Courthouse to two counts of sexual intercourse without consent. The victims were a 13-year-old boy and his 15-year-old friend. It has been alleged that the […]

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      jack de belin sexual assault
      Criminal Lawyer Explains Why Jack de Belin Sexual Assault Charges Were Withdrawn

      After almost three years, the sexual assault charges against NRL star Jack de Belin have been withdrawn by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). Following a second jury being unable to reach a unanimous verdict, the DPP had the option of choosing to subject de Belin and his co-accused Callum Sinclair to a third trial. […]

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      fraud charges
      ‘Porn King’ Employee Guilty of Fraud Charges Totalling Almost $800,000
      Posted By , on May 31, 2021

      A Magistrate has found a Sydney woman guilty of fraud charges amounting to almost $800,000 at Downing Centre Local Court. 45-year-old Neva Liana Lozzi faced 29 counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception based on hundreds of bank transfers she made while employed by ‘porn king’ Con Ange. The transactions were said to have […]

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      large commercial drug supply
      NRL Player Jamil Hopoate Facing Large Commercial Drug Supply Charges
      Posted By , on May 24, 2021

      Former NRL player Jamil Hopoate has been arrested and faces large commercial drug supply charges after police allegedly uncovered a drug importation scheme involving half a tonne of cocaine, worth $155 million. The consignment was alleged to have originated in the United Kingdom and travelled to Sydney where it was intercepted by Australian Border Force […]

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      aggravated dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm
      Mother Charged with Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm
      Posted By , on May 17, 2021

      A Sydney mother has been charged with Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm after she allegedly drove into her own daughter while intoxicated. Dale Palmer, a 58-year-old mother, fronted Sutherland Local Court to face a number of charges related to the incident, including drive with high range PCA. The alleged victim, Keely Palmer, is […]

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      kidnapping charges
      Group Charged with Kidnapping Former Australian Cricketer Stuart MacGill
      Posted By , on May 10, 2021

      Four men have been charged with kidnapping Australian cricket icon Stuart MacGill at gunpoint in Sydney’s lower north shore. The 50-year-old was allegedly assaulted and held for over an hour by the group after they detained him. Shockingly, one of the kidnappers was the brother of MacGill’s current girlfriend, Maria O’Meagher. Kidnapping Allegations Just before the […]

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      common assault charges
      Man Pleads Guilty to Common Assault Charges Against Teenage Girls
      Posted By , on May 9, 2021

      A 21-year-old man has pleaded guilty to common assault charges where he is alleged to have bashed teenage girls. Hong Ben Lee appeared at Central Local Court on 27 April 2021 in relation to a brawl involving multiple persons on the night of Mardi Gras.   The altercation was filmed and went viral on Instagram. […]

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      assault occasioning actual bodily harm
      Assault Charges Laid Against Security Guard
      Posted By , on May 2, 2021

      A security guard who was ejecting an intoxicated patron from a pub has been charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm after police determined that his actions were disproportionate. Albury man Deng Chol was thrown on his head by an allegedly overzealous security guard at the Beer Deluxe pub. The incident was captured on video […]

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      resist arrest charges
      COVID and Resist Arrest Charges Dropped Against Sydney Bodybuilder
      Posted By , on May 2, 2021

      Police have dropped all COVID and resist arrest charges against a popular Sydney bodybuilder who was arrested in April 2020. Dimitri Moskovich, also known as “Mr Bondi”, was arrested by two police officers after they accused him of breaching COVID-19 rules during lockdown last year. The police will also be required to pay his legal […]

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      assault police
      Police Officer Suspended After Stomping on Head of Mentally Ill Man

      A father-of-three who was suffering a mental breakdown has spoken out after being run over by a police vehicle and then stomped on the head by a police officer. 32-year-old Tim Atkins and his wife, Emily, were interviewed by the media after Mr Atkins recovered from an induced coma. Footage of the assault was initially […]

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      domestic violence murder
      Man Found Not Guilty of Domestic Violence Murder Due to Mental Illness

      A Sydney man has been found not guilty of the domestic violence murder of his wife due to a mental illness defence. Gihan Kerollos was stabbed to death outside a Randwick hospital by her husband Mourad Kerollos in 2019. He was charged with murder. However, medical experts for the Crown and defence both agreed that […]

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      drug importation charges
      Olympian Nathan Baggaley Guilty of Drug Importation Charges

      Olympian Nathan Baggaley and his younger brother have been found guilty of drug importation charges after attempting to smuggle around $200 million worth of cocaine into Australia. The brothers had pleaded not guilty and were tried in the Supreme Court after being charged with attempting to import a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug in […]

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      charged with common assault
      Rugby League Player Charged with Common Assault of Security Guards

      Rugby league star Nita Maynard has been charged with common assault following an incident with two security guards outside of Northies Cronulla Hotel. The 28-year-old was allegedly restrained at the scene until Police arrived, at which point she was arrested and transported to Sutherland Police Station. If she is ultimately found guilty, it is expected […]

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      attempted sexual assault
      Police Officers Charged with Attempted Sexual Assault of Schoolgirl

      A Court has heard that two policemen charged with attempted sexual assault of a schoolgirl may be close to pleading guilty.   Senior Constables James Delinicolis and Angelo Dellosa are accused of luring a teenager to a hotel room before committing arrange of sexual offences against her. The charges also include misconduct in public office […]

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      armed robbery charges
      Lesbian Instagram Couple Face Armed Robbery Charges

      A lesbian couple have been charged with armed robbery after they were allegedly caught on CCTV cameras. Police allege that Eleanor Rohana Ashford and her girlfriend Sarah Canceri went on a crime spree throughout southwest Sydney. CCTV footage released to the media shows two women wearing headscarves at a petrol station armed with weapons. It […]

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      NSW Police Stalk/Intimidate Criminal Lawyer Who Represented Bikie

      A report has determined that NSW Police officers targeted a bikie’s criminal lawyer with a campaign of behaviour to stalk/intimidate him. The solicitor was harassed on his way to court, at his office and even at Court to such a degree that the Magistrate allowed him to flee through her personal exit. The offending officers […]

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      aggravated sexual assault
      Pizza Rapist Jailed for Aggravated Sexual Assault Charges

      A Sydney jury has found a pizza shop worker guilty of aggravated sexual assault charges against a teenager. It took the twelve-person jury just two hours to find Ricardo Audish guilty of three counts of aggravated sexual assault in company. Two underage boys who cannot be named for legal reasons were also involved in the […]

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      cuckoo smurfing
      What is Cuckoo Smurfing in Money Laundering?

      In recent years, those in the financial investigation community have had to deal with the question, what is cuckoo smurfing in money laundering? This technique has been used by a number of criminal organisations including drug traffickers, terrorist financiers and in complex frauds. It allows money obtained through illegal activities to be washed by hiding […]

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      indecent assault
      Fake Uber Driver to Be Deported After Conviction for Indecent Assault

      A man who posed as an Uber driver to commit indecent assaults on women is likely to be deported after being jailed for at least 18 months. Sampath Sandaruwan Samaranayake would trawl areas around busy nightclubs, offering women rides for cash in September 2018. After they entering his vehicle, he would indecently assault them, including […]

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      demerit point suspension
      How to Beat a Demerit Point Suspension NSW

      It is one of the most common situations faced by drivers, so it comes as no surprise that lawyers often are asked how to beat a demerit point suspension in NSW. The answer will depend on the type of licence you have. There are different avenues for provisional drivers as opposed to full licence holders. […]

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      sexual intercourse with child
      Child Abuse Material and Sexual Touching Charges Laid in Major Paedophile Ring Bust

      A nationwide investigation into a major online paedophile network has allegedly discovered hordes of child abuse material with Police laying sexual touching charges against multiple men. The AFP and NSW Police have arrested 14 men and charged them with 828 child sex offences. Shockingly, it has been suggested that a childcare worker from the NSW […]

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      Attempted Murder
      Man Charged with Attempted Murder in Five-Star Hotel

      After a manhunt, a 41-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly attacking a woman with a sledgehammer inside a five-star Sydney CBD hotel. Matthew Donaldson was arrested two days after a woman was found seriously injured at the Primus Hotel on Pitt Street, Sydney. Police found Donaldson in dense bushland in the […]

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      cannabis oil
      Over the Counter Medicinal Cannabis Oil Legalised

      In positive news for those advocating the legalisation of cannabis, low-dose cannabis oil can now be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription. At present, there are no products approved for sale, but this is expected to change in the near future. Significantly, it is only low-dose oil that will be available and the products cannot […]

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      dangerous driving occasioning death
      Elderly Truck Driver Jailed for Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death at Wollongong District Court

      A 67-year-old truck driver has been sentenced to 3 years in jail after he was found guilty of dangerous driving Occasioning death at Wollongong District Court. Graham William Squires was driving in the lane next to a truck on a highway when he attempted to merge in front it. He collided with the truck which […]

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      child sexual assault lawyers
      Further Child Sexual Assault Charges Against Former Labor Politician

      Infamous former NSW Labor Minister Milton Orkopoulos has had his parole revoked while facing further child sexual assault charges. The 62-year-old was arrested at his exclusive Malabar home, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. His parole has now also been revoked after being charges with three counts of failing to comply with his reporting obligations. The State […]

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      lindsay moody
      Sydney Stalker Jailed for Carrying Out Sexual Act

      A stalker who harassed multiple women across Sydney’s Northern Beaches has been jailed for carrying out sexual act. Lindsay Kenneth Moody will spend at least 19 months behind bars after he was sentenced by Magistrate Bruce Williams at Manly Local Court. His victims watched on at Manly Local Court as the 42-year-old sobbed through the […]

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      commercial drug supply lawyer
      Olympic Swimmer Arrested for Allegedly Masterminding Multi-Million Dollar Commercial Drug Supply Syndicate

      Former Olympic swimmer Scott Miller has been arrested by Police after being accused of heading a multi-million-dollar commercial drug supply syndicate in Sydney. Officer allegedly found $2 million worth of prohibited drugs including heroin and ‘methylamphetamine’ (also known as ‘ice’) hidden inside candles. The 45-year-old retired Olympian was one of two men arrested after Police […]

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      how to beat an AVO
      How To Beat An AVO

      The question of how to beat an AVO is one that lawyers answer almost daily. This is unsurprising given an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) can have a devastating effect on yourself, your partner and your family. It is important to understand that there are stringent processes involved with these orders. Defending an AVO can be […]

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      possess child abuse material
      Sydney Barrister Jailed for Possessing Child Abuse Material

      A former Sydney barrister has been jailed for possessing child abuse material after police seized electronics belonging to him. Richard James Horsley was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 1 year and 10 months at Downing Centre District Court. The 61-year-old had his computers examined which contained over 1000 child abuse images. At the […]

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      stalk or intimidate lawyers
      Lawyer Explains How NRL Star Payne Haas Avoided a Criminal Conviction for Intimidation

      NRL player Payne Haas has avoided a criminal conviction at Tweed Heads Local Court despite pleading guilty to intimidation of a police officer. In the course of a verbal tirade directed at police, Haas told a female officer, “Why you looking at me like that? Cause you’re a woman and you think that I won’t […]

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      sexual assault
      Couple Charged with Sexual Assault After Alleged Sex Slave Operation Busted

      A couple have been charged with multiple sexual assault offences after Police stormed an alleged ‘sex slave’ operation. 35-year-old Matthew James Markcrow and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Crystal Marie Sawyer are accused of giving several women drugs and using them as prostitutes. The allegations include tattooing the women as the ‘property’ of Mr Markcrow. It is […]

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      murder mental illness defence
      Man Found Not Guilty of Murder of Police Officer and Grandmother Due to Mental Illness

      A man has been found not guilty of murdering his grandmother as well as a retired policeman, by reason of mental illness. Murray Deakin was charged over the deaths of his grandmother Gail Winner, and retired police officer Michael Horne as well as causing grievous bodily harm to his grandfather, Thomas Winner. The 20-year-old was […]

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      sam burgess mitch hooke
      Criminal Lawyer Explains Why Sam Burgess’ AVO Appeal Was Allowed

      NRL star Sam Burgess has had his conviction for intimidation and AVO overturned on appeal at Goulburn District Court. Mr Burgess had previously been convicted of Intimidation and an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) was made for the protection of Mr Mitch Bourke – his father-in-law. The 32-year-old was initially convicted and sentenced to a two-year […]

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      destroy or damage property
      McDonald’s QR Code Offender Sentenced at Blacktown Local Court

      A man who made national headlines after throwing a cash register at McDonald’s has been sentenced at Blacktown Local Court for damage property. Jake Sinderberry was alleged to have verbally abused employees at Kellyville McDonald’s as he refused to check in using a QR code. The 25-year-old has been ordered to attend counselling for anger […]

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      how to get an avo dropped
      How To Get an AVO Dropped – Step by Step Guide

      A common situation faced by lawyers, Police and the Courts is when a defendant or complainant asks how to get an AVO dropped. Often the defendant and protected person will have resolved the situation. Or the anger and acrimony between them has subsided. Many people think that it is as simple as the complainant saying […]

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      School Principal Extradited to Australia on Sexual Offences

      A former school principal has been extradited from Israel to Australia to face sexual offences. Malka Leifer, who was the headmistress of Elsternwick’s Adass Israel School between 2001 and 2008 was flown out of Israel by authorities to Germany and then to Australia last month. It brings a six-year saga to an end after Police […]

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      flashing headlights
      Is it Illegal to Flash Your Headlights to Warn of Police?

      Imagine this – you’re driving down an open road, pass a police car and decide to flash your headlights to warn of police. Drivers travelling in the opposite direction will no doubt be thankful. Indeed, some would say it would be un-Australian to act in any other way. But could you be committing an offence? […]

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      high range drink driving
      Channel Nine Boss Avoids Jail for High Range Drink Driving at Hornsby Local Court

      The director of Australia’s largest television network has narrowly avoided jail for high-range drink driving. Darren Wick, Channel Nine’s director of news and current affairs appeared at Hornsby Local Court on 20 January 2021 after being caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) more than four times over the legal limit.  It was Wick’s […]

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      casino money laundering
      Casino Prevented from Opening due to Money Laundering Concerns in Sydney

      NSW gambling regulators have banned Crown Resorts from opening its new Sydney casino due to money laundering concerns. The NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) made the decision after the company made admissions that money laundering had likely occurred through its accounts. The inquiry was initially set up to investigate suspicious activity. The amount […]

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      domestic violence murder
      Mother Responsible for Murder of Her Children

      In a case that has gripped the nation, Police have revealed they now believe the woman who was found dead with her three children was responsible for their murders before committing suicide. Friends of Katie Perinovic, the mother of the children, say they noticed a change in her behaviour over recent months. The tragic events […]

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      sexual assault charges
      Police Officer Convicted of Sexual Assault

      A police officer who was described by his male victim as ‘rapey’, has been convicted of sexual assault. Michael Charles Simpson was found guilty of the offence and has lost his job as a result. The senior sergeant was described as having an ‘illustrious’ 30-year career. He was part of Victoria Police’s internal ethical standards […]

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      take and drive conveyance
      Instagram ‘Fast & Furious’ Pair Charged with Take and Drive Conveyance for Luxury Car Thefts

      An Australian triathlete who referred to himself as a “petty car thief with expensive tastes” has been charged with take and drive conveyance over a string of luxury car thefts throughout Sydney. Luke Lythgoe claimed to be a former drug addict who had turned his life around. However, he was arrested by NSW Police at […]

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      dangerous driving occasioning death
      Two Children Dead and Driver Charged with Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

      Another shocking example of dangerous driving occasioning death has left a father without his two children. Unlicensed driver Jacob Steven Donn is alleged to have lost control of his girlfriend’s car and careened into Sheldon and Shane Shorey, killing them both instantly. The 25-year-old was refused bail by Police at Dubbo Police Station and remains […]

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      False AVO claims
      False AVO Claims

      In recent years there has been a noticeable rise in false AVO claims being made to Police as well as taken out privately. It will come as no surprise that having an apprehended violence order taken out against will cause significant stress to you and your loved ones. The conditions associated with an AVO can […]

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      ‘Avenging Angel’ Jailed for Assault & Robbery of Sex Offenders

      A self-proclaimed vigilante who attacked a number of registered sex offenders has been jailed for over two decades for assault and robbery. Jason Vukovich, who referred to himself as an ‘Avenging Angel’ for abused children was sentenced in relation to attempted assault and robbery charges. The 42-year-old’s childhood was marred by physical and sexual abuse. […]

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      adam green match fixing
      International Table Tennis Match Fixing Scandal Exposed

      After a lengthy investigation, Police have laid proceeds of crime charges against an Australian table tennis player and brought down an international match fixing syndicate. Adam Green, a world-renowned former professional player is alleged to be the mastermind behind predetermined table tennis matches in the Ukraine. NSW detectives say they tracked betting trails tied to […]

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      Sydney Preacher Charged with Child Sexual Assaults

      A self-proclaimed ‘preacher’ has been charged with five counts of sexual assault spanning over seven years. Anthony Glumac, whose social media accounts also list him as a fitness educator and chef, was the subject of an extensive Police investigation. The 24-year old was arrested in Campbelltown after being charged with sexually assaulting a number of […]

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      sydney drug supply lawyers
      Over 250 Charges Laid in Sydney Drug Cartel Takedown

      It is one of Australia’s largest drug busts, and Police say they have brought a Sydney drug cartel to its knees. Operation Pinnacle, a sophisticated Police investigation spanning 2 years has resulted in over 250 drug charges being laid. The cartel is said to have been responsible for a complex distribution network that funnelled methamphetamine […]

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      treiza bebawy affray
      Infamous Mother & Daughter Avoid Conviction for Affray Charges

      The mother and daughter at the centre of an infamous supermarket brawl have had their convictions for affray charges quashed on appeal. 61-year-old Treiza Bebawy and her 23-year-old daughter, Meriam Bebawy, made worldwide headlines after being filmed in a supermarket fight over toilet paper. This was in the midst of panic buying at the height […]

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      drink driving
      Complete Guide to Drink Driving Charges

      Drink driving offences carry significant disqualification periods. Many also carry terms of imprisonment. As such, it is crucial to be aware of the various drink driving offences as well as possible defences. These offences are based on the prescribed concentration of alcohol (PCA) in a person’s system. For this reason, they are sometime referred to […]

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      film private parts
      Man Who Filmed Private Parts of Schoolgirls Avoids Jail

      A man who pleading guilty to filming private parts of a number schoolgirls at a Sydney Zoo has avoided a jail sentence. 49-year-old Justin McGufficke also pleaded guilty to charges of possess child abuse material based on photographs that were found on his phone. He was also sentenced in relation to filming up the skirts […]

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      steven mercael sexual assault
      Identity of Sydney Criminal Lawyer Charged with Sexual Assault Revealed

      Media organisations have successfully fought to overturn a non-publication order on the name of a Sydney Criminal Lawyer charged with sexual assault. Criminal defence lawyer Steven Mercael was charged by Police with sexually assaulting a female in December 2019. The 27-year-old had appealed to the New South Wales Supreme Court to prevent the publication of […]

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      fake id australia
      Is It Illegal to Have a Fake ID in Australia?

      Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable growth in the prominence of fake IDs in Australia and questions around whether they are illegal. With websites openly selling these IDs, many have questioned what the potential consequences of possessing such an item is. It is well-established that you can be charged by Police […]

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      bushfire fraud
      Bikies Charged With Defrauding Bushfire Victim Payments

      Police have laid fraud charges against a number of people, alleging that they dishonestly claimed government payments intended for bushfire victims. Many of the alleged offenders are said to have links to the Rebels bikie gang. Six men, aged from 25 to 32, and three women, aged 26 to 37, were arrested as part of […]

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      damien wanstall
      High School Deputy Principal Charged with Child Sex Offences

      A Sydney school teacher has been charged with a number of child sex offences. Police say Damien Scott Wanstall used the internet to arrange to pay a 14-year-old girl for sex. The 47-year-old deputy principal of Kellyville High School was apprehended by detectives last week. This arrest was captured by news cameras. He is currently […]

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      jarryd hayne sexual assault
      Criminal Lawyer Explains Why Jarryd Hayne was Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

      Former rugby league star Jarryd Hayne has been found guilty of sexual assault after a Sydney jury reached a unanimous verdict. This comes after the jury in the previous trial were unable to come to a decision. Another jury were unable to come to a decision in relation to similar charges against NRL player Jack […]

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      georgia tripos drug supply
      Former Bachelor Australia Contestant Receives No Jail for Drug Supply Charges

      A former contestant on The Bachelor has narrowly avoided a jail sentence after pleading guilty to drug supply charges. Georgia Tripos fronted Victoria’s County Court in relation to charges of supplying cocaine and ethylpentylone as well as knowingly deal with proceeds of crime. Police caught onto the 29-year-old after an acquaintance of hers was captured […]

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      jodi gordon avo
      Police take out Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) for Television Star

      A famed Australian television actress has had NSW Police take out a provisional apprehended violence order (AVO) for her protection against her partner. Former Neighbours star Jodi Gordon had Police attend her exclusive Double Bay apartment to investigate a domestic violence allegation involving her boyfriend Sebastian Blackler. Mr Blackler is currently subject to restrictions on […]

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      jack de belin sexual assault
      Criminal Lawyer Explains Why Jury Was Discharged in NRL Player Jack de Belin’s Sexual Assault Trial

      Two years after he was charged with the sexual assault of a 19-year-old, NRL player Jack de Belin’s ordeal will continue as a second jury has been unable to reach a unanimous verdict on the charges against him. Mr de Belin and a reserve grade rugby league player, Callum Sinclair, initially endured a 4 week […]

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      Mother stabs son after alleged murder confession

      Police have applied for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against a woman after she was charged with stabbing her son in one of Sydney’s most exclusive suburbs. However, in a shock twist to the story, a Court has heard that the son had just confessed to a murder and threatened his mother. 22-year-old Hugo Ball […]

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      money laundering
      $2.3 million alleged international money laundering scam exposed

      Police have exposed an alleged international fraud scheme and laid dozens of money laundering charges against the two perpetrators. Mark Estephan and Jamie Ronald Close were arrested on 17 November 2020 after a large-scale investigation was commenced earlier in the year. Both men have been refused bail in NSW and will remain in custody while […]

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      asic investigation
      Wealthy female millionaire goes missing during ASIC investigation

      Police have announced that they are treating the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy businesswoman who was under investigation by ASIC as suspicious. Melissa Caddick was recently served with Court orders which prevented her from leaving Australia or selling any of her assets. Two days prior to her disappearance, Police executed a search warrant on her […]

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      lawyer salary australia
      Lawyer Salary Australia – How Much Do Lawyers Make in Australia?

      Many people believe that lawyers are some of the highest earning professionals in Australia, but is that actually the case? And what areas of law pay the highest salaries? Thanks to a recent release of statistics by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), we can now reveal the highest paid jobs in Australia. The statistics also […]

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      bail application nsw
      Complete Guide to Bail Applications in NSW

      Our specialist bail application lawyers have an extensive track record and years of experience obtaining bail for clients when other lawyers have been unable to. We have obtained bail for: Commercial drug supply cases in the millions of dollars; Serious sexual assault cases which have attracted media publicity; Murder and manslaughter cases; Clients who have […]

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      lingerie bar
      Lingerie bar worker stabbed – The Law, Defences & Penalties for Affray

      A teenager has been arrested and charged with a number of assault offences, including affray after a lingerie bar worker was stabbed in Sydney’s CBD. Poasa Junior Logova, from southwest Sydney allegedly stabbed the 34-year-old employee twice in the back at Concourse Bar. Scantily clad waitresses were seen fleeing the York Street bar after the […]

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      mobility scooter larceny
      Sydney citizens investigate and capture thief who stole 82 year old’s mobility scooter

      A story that captured the hearts and minds of Sydney residents has come to a bittersweet end, with a terminally ill cancer patient charged with stealing an 82 year-old’s mobility scooter. Pensioner Laurie Adams became a household name overnight after Police appealed to the public for information about the theft of his scooter. It led […]

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      drug driving
      Bill to Make Medicinal Cannabis a Legal Defence for Drug Driving Rejected

      Despite years of hard work and strong community support, a bill to make medicinal cannabis use a defence against drug driving charges has been rejected by NSW parliament. David Shoebridge, a member of parliament from the NSW Greens, moved the bill. Currently, the law makes it illegal to drive with any amount of THC in […]

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      mosque property damage
      Over $100,000 in Damage to Mosque – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Destroy or Damage Property

      A young man has been arrested after entering a mosque and committing property damage worth over $100,000. 20-year-old Kaiwan Zeabari was arrested after allegedly going on a rampage at Sydney’s Auburn Gallipoli Mosque on the evening of 1 November 2020. The incident has led to widespread condemnation as well as finger-pointing as to whether there […]

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      section 32
      Actor Has Assault Police Charges Dismissed Due To Mental Health – What is a Section 32 Application?

      A renowned Australian actor who was initially refused bail has escaped conviction for allegedly assaulting Police due to his mental health issues. Former Home and Away star Joel McIlroy recently made a successful Section 32 Application at the Downing Centre Local Court. The Court received medical material which confirmed that McIlroy had degenerative brain disease […]

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      tailgating vehicle
      Is It Illegal To Tailgate In NSW?

      Tailgating another driver is defined as following a vehicle without keeping a safe distance between the two vehicles. There are some obvious dangers in tailgating a vehicle. Any sharp reduction in speed of the vehicle in front could lead to a collision as there is insufficient time to brake. Further, tailgating can cause the driver […]

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      centrelink fraud
      Multi-million dollar childcare fraud more elaborate than bikie gangs – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Centrelink Fraud

      An alleged childcare fraud that took advantage of COVID Centrelink payments has been brought to its knees with multiple arrests across Sydney’s south-west. The arrests occurred in dramatic fashion as officers dressed in balaclavas and bullet proof vests stormed numerous buildings with media on hand. It is another scalp for police attached to Strikeforce Mercury […]

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      break and enter
      Building manager jailed for stealing hundreds of items from residents – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Break & Enter

      A Sydney strata apartment manager who stole hundreds of items and housed them in an ‘Aladdin’s-cave’ inside the building has been jailed for numerous break and enter offences. 43-year-old Jaden Hati was arrested in 2019 after Police began investigating a spate of larceny offences in a Pyrmont complex. He was bail refused by Police and […]

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      aggravated sexual assault
      Models Allegedly Tied Up and Sexually Assaulted – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Aggravated Sexual Assault

      A Sydney photographer charged with aggravated sexual assault has been granted bail after spending a month in custody. 48-year-old Garth Knight was arrested and bail refused on 25 September 2020 based on allegations that he sexually assaulted two models after they were tied up. The incidents are said to have occurred in 2005 and 2011 […]

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      Burwood Local Court
      Carer sentenced to jail for stealing from disabled patients – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Making False Statement

      A female disability worker has been jailed for stealing jewellery and cash from her disabled and terminally ill patients. 47-year-old Violeta Hansen appeared before Burwood Local Court charged with 15 fraud related charges. She was sentenced to an overall term of imprisonment of 24 months. The presiding Magistrate was scathing in his remarks on sentence, […]

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      nicole mason murder
      Couple charged with murder of firefighter after hit and run

      A couple have been charged with the murder of a New Zealand firefighter who came to Australia to fight the bushfires. Ian Pullen was 43 years old when he was the victim of a hit and run. He was severely injured but still alive. However, the driver and passenger of the vehicle allegedly returned to […]

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      drink driving
      Man Forgives Drunk Driver for Killing his Family – What are the Penalties for Drink Driving?

      A man whose wife and unborn twins were killed by a drunk driver has given powerful evidence in Court and forgiven the man responsible. Bronko Hoang’s pregnant wife Katherine died after Richard Moananu’s vehicle crashed into her in September 2018. She was due to give birth within days. A 17-year-old learner driver was also killed […]

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      fraud sentencing
      Union Boss Guilty of Fraud – Penalties for Dishonestly Obtain Advantage By Deception

      In news that has come as no surprise to many in the political sphere, former Health Services Union boss Kathy Jackson recently pleaded guilty to obtaining financial advantage by deception and stealing nearly $70,000 from the Union. Following negotiations between prosecutors and her criminal defence lawyers, Ms Jackson admitted that she fraudulently obtained $67,792.85 between […]

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      Sexual Assault doctor
      Doctor Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Sleeping Patients – The Law, Defences and Penalties for Sexual Assault

      An Iranian-born doctor has been convicted of sexually assaulting his patients while they slept. Ali Khorami will spend close to 4 years behind bars after a jury found him guilty of a number of sexual offences against five women, aged between 16 and 29. He joins a long list of doctors who have acted inappropriately […]

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      red light camera fine
      Australian State Suspends All Red Light Cameras – How to Beat a Red Light Camera Fine

      An Australian State will become the first in the world to suspend all red light cameras and fines. It is one of the most shocking decisions taken by a Police force in recent memory. Following a landmark Supreme Court decision, South Australia will indefinitely halt collecting fines for running a red light. It is unclear […]

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      armed robbery
      Armed Robbery in Front of Police Station: The Law, Defences & Penalties for Armed Robbery

      One of the most brazen gangs in recent memory has been brought to its knees after being charged with committing numerous robbery offences on Asian immigrants. Two men were arrested by detectives from Burwood Local Area Command on 25 September 2020 and refused bail. This means that they will remain in custody while their cases […]

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      Another Domestic Violence Murder: The Law, Defences & Penalties for Murder

      In another heinous Sydney domestic violence murder, a 60-year-old man was recently sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for stabbing his 43-year-old ex-partner to death. His explanation for why he did it? Because she refused his sexual advances. James Fredes appeared before the New South Wales Supreme Court this week to be sentenced for murdering Erina […]

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      Drug Supply
      Drug Supply Stopped at Border: The Law, Defences & Penalties for Drug Supply

      While most people who contravene the current border restrictions face a fine, one couple have found themselves in Police custody after allegedly being stopped at the border in the midst of a drug supply. Police allege that the male and female were caught with 2.5kg of cannabis in their vehicle while returning to New South […]

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      Daylight Robbery Window Tax
      Daylight Robbery: Origin and Meaning

      The phrase ‘Daylight Robbery’ has been in the English lexicon for hundreds of years. But its origin is far removed from the meaning of the phrase today. What Does Daylight Robbery Mean? ‘Daylight Robbery’ is a figure of speech to describe an unfair trade that is so clear and obvious that you could have robbed […]

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      westpac fine
      Bank Fined $1.3 Billion But No Jail for Executives: The Law, Defences & Penalties for Money Laundering

      In news that shocked the financial world, one of Australia’s largest banks – Westpac – has admitted that it breached money laundering and terrorism financing laws. The result? A whopping $1.3 billion fine. This is almost double the second largest fine of $730 million that was imposed on the Commonwealth Bank in 2018. However, despite it being […]

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      Mobile Phone Camera
      Driver Caught Snorting Substance Off Mobile Phone: The Law, Defences and Penalties for Drive Under Influence (DUI)

      Traffic cameras have captured a shocking image of a driver appearing to snort a substance off a mobile phone while driving. Driving Under the Influence of a Drug is ordinarily seen by the Courts as a serious offence. The seriousness of this offence would be significantly amplified if a driver is also using a mobile […]

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      Weird Laws: The Australian State Where it’s Illegal to Fly a Kite

      Imagine a lovely spring day. There’s a gentle breeze and you decide to head down to your local park to fly a kite. You’re running through the park, kite in hand. Suddenly, you hear someone yell out, “Hey, that kite’s annoying me!” You decide to pay it no mind. After all, you’re not doing anything […]

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      Rosa Rossi Fraud
      Female Police Officer Jailed After $2.6 Million: The Law, Defences and Penalties for Fraud

      In one of the most shocking cases of Police misconduct, police Sergeant Rosa Rossi recently became the first Victorian female police officer to be sentenced to jail. Rossi pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining six properties worth $2.6 million. The 57-year-old will spend the next two years and four months in custody before she is eligible […]

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      Bus stop splash
      Weird Laws: Is it Illegal for Drivers to Splash Mud on People Waiting at a Bus Stop?

      Picture this: you’re waiting for the bus in the rain. Luckily, you’re keeping dry under an umbrella, or maybe the roof of the bus stop. The bus is arriving soon and you can’t wait to get on in your dry clothes. Next thing you know a car whizzes past. The vehicle’s tyres roll into a […]

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      Driving While Disqualified
      Woman Killed by Disqualified Driver: The Law, Defences and Penalties for Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death

      Police have charged 32-year-old Wilbert Gabrielle Guevara with Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death, amongst other charges after he collided with 27-year-old Maria Alejandra Landazabal Contreras who was waiting at a red light. She was riding a scooter and tragically lost her life at Liverpool Hospital a few hours after the incident. Significantly, Mr Guevara was disqualified […]

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      Statistics for Assault Police Revealed: The Law, Defences and Penalties for Assault Police

      The number of Assault Police offences have been revealed at a NSW parliamentary inquiry. In what should be positive news, the rates of alcohol-fuelled assaults against officers have declined, while the overall rate of violence against Police officers has remained steady. However, some are still calling for greater powers for Police. This is despite countless […]

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      Legal jargon explained in simple terms
      Legal Lingo – What Does It All Mean?
      Posted By , on July 3, 2020

      Going to court and having to hire a lawyer can be stressful enough so the last thing you want is your lawyer speaking to you in another language with all their legal lingo!

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      NSW Police body worn camera BWV
      NSW Police Body Worn Video Cameras: When, Where, Why?
      Posted By , on July 1, 2020

      In 2018 the NSW State Government officially rolled out the use of body worn video (BWV) cameras across NSW by members of the NSW Police Force. This means that police officers can now legally use BWV to record their interactions with members of the public, in both private and public locations. But what exactly is […]

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      Quarantine special
      A Quarantine Special: The Best of Crime on Netflix

      One of the most crucial measures during this COVID-19 crisis is social distancing and self-isolating. Avoiding crowded areas and choosing to stay home can help to stem the spread of this virus and helps to protect the more vulnerable and immunocompromised members of our community. It might just be for 14 days, or it might […]

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      What is an honest and reasonable mistake of fact?
      Honest and reasonable mistake of fact
      Posted By , on April 21, 2020

      You’ve probably heard the saying, “ignorance of the law is not an excuse”. Well, in very limited circumstances it can be. In Proudman v Dayman Dixon J summarised the defence of honest and reasonable mistake of fact: “As a general rule an honest and reasonable belief in a state of facts which, if they existed, […]

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      Myth v Fact
      Drink Driving Misconceptions & Urban Myths

      Drink driving misconceptions are incredibly common. As criminal and traffic lawyers in NSW we talk to and represent people charged with drink driving every day. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions questions, and addressed a few urban myths that need busting.   Drink Driving Isn’t a Criminal Offence This is another drink […]

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      Too sick to attend court
      What if I’m too sick to go to court?

      If you’ve been given a court attendance notice or charged with a criminal offence you are required to attend court. While there are some exceptions, if you don’t attend court and don’t fall into one of the exceptions, the court may deal with the matter in your absence. Even during a pandemic, being too sick […]

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      traffic offenders program classroom
      Do I really need to do a traffic offenders program?

      If you’re going to court you’ve probably heard about the “traffic offenders program”. You may have done some research yourself, or you’ve spoken to a lawyer who might have suggested you enrol in a traffic offenders’ program. You’re probably wondering, “what is it” and “Do I really have to spend my time doing it” The short answer […]

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      Coronavirus & the law in NSW
      Coronavirus (Covid-19) quarantine and public event laws in NSW

      The Coronavirus (Covid-19) is now a global pandemic. Governments worldwide are using legislative measures to isolate and quarantine people to slow the spread of the highly contagious and potentially fatal virus. Under the provisions of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) the Minister for Health and Medical Research can make orders or directions they consider […]

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      Smart Start Interlock at Astor Legal Parramatta
      Smart Start interlock at Astor Legal Parramatta
      Posted By , on March 12, 2020

      If you’ve been charged with a drink driving offence its likely that you’ll end up having to fit an interlock device to your car. Thanks to Smart Start Interlocks we now have a demonstration interlock device in our Parramatta office. Clients facing drink driving charges can actually see and hold the device that may end […]

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      Image captured by mobile phone detection camera
      Mobile Phone Camera Locations

      NSW Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Background of mobile phone detection cameras in NSW Mobile phone detection cameras were trialled in New South Wales between January and June 2019. The trial consisted of two fixed cameras and relocatable cameras which were moved approximately every 4 days. During that trial over 8.5 million vehicles were checked and […]

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      Hound breathalyser can test drivers for more than just alcohol levels
      New device to test level of cannabis in drivers system

      Driving with cannabis or THC in your system in NSW Driving with a prescribed illicit drug in your oral fluid, blood or urine is an offence in New South Wales under s.111(1) of the Road Transport Act. Prescribed illicit drugs include: Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (also known as THC), Methylamphetamine (also known as speed), 3,4-methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (also known as […]

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      Apprehended Violence Order
      What if the protected person breaches an AVO?

      An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is an order that restricts the behaviour of a person, known as a defendant, for the protection of someone else, known as the protected person or PINOP. There are 11 possible conditions which can imposed to facilitate this protection. Apprehended Violence Orders can be divided into two categories; domestic or […]

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      Horses racing
      NSW Laws about horses you’ve probably never heard about

      In New South Wales many of the road rules also apply to horse riders. Under the Australian Road Rules horses are included under the definition of vehicle. This means that most minor regulatory offences apply equally to both car drivers and horse riders. But you may not have heard some of the more obscure laws […]

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      Parramatta Local Court
      Bankwest Stadium Streaker Fined

      In the final minute of a Parramatta v Wests game in July 2019 our client entered the playing field and streaked naked across the pitch. He was arrested and charged with “Enter playing field without authority” under the Sporting Venues (Invasions) Act 2003 and also “Wilful and obscene exposure” under the Summary Offences Act 1988. […]

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      Sexual assault folder in courtroom
      Sexual Assault Statistics NSW

      According to the latest BOCSAR statistics from March 2019, incidents of sexual assault in NSW are stable and did not experience a significant increase over the last 24 months. Between March 2018 and March 2019, there were just shy of 6,000 reported incidents of sexual assaults across New South Wales.  Of almost 6000 reported cases only […]

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      Ringing a doorbell for a bail check
      Bail enforcement checks under fire at hearing

      The power of police officers to enforce bail conditions, has come under question during a Law Enforcement and Conduct Commission (LECC) hearing. The hearing which is taking place over the next few days, follows an increase in complaints made to the LECC surrounding police officers engaging in what has been referred to during the hearing […]

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      Two women on a jetski
      Drink Driving On A Boat In NSW

      As the weather warms up more people will be taking to the water over summer, but many don’t know the laws regarding drink driving on a boat. Drink driving laws apply to any ‘vessel’ which includes not only boats but jet skis, kayaks, sailboards and kite boards. The Law on Drink Driving on A Boat […]

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      Police RBT site
      When random breath testing isn’t random

      Police have the power to conduct random breath tests on any driver in New South Wales. But when police shut down entire roads and test every single driver is it still really random? This weekend NSW Police are running “Operation Nabbed” once again. RBT sites have been set up at every exit along several major […]

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      Astor Legal voted as recommended NSW criminal lawyers and also NSW drink driving and DUI lawyers.
      Astor Legal recommended by Doyles Guide
      Posted By , on August 23, 2019

      At Astor Legal we pride ourselves on being one of the best criminal and traffic law firms in New South Wales. Today we are proud to announce that Astor Legal has again been recognised in several categories by the legal research and ranking publication Doyles Guide. Astor Legal were listed as a “Recommended New South […]

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      People yelling at each other with megaphones
      Verbal assault – is there even such a thing?
      Posted By , on August 20, 2019

      Verbal assault is a commonly heard but very misunderstood phrase. In New South Wales you can be convicted of common assault even if no physical contact takes place. There are also a number of other Acts of Parliament which create offences for what is often called a verbal assault. What exactly is an assault? Most […]

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      Flying a drone and the law
      Drones and the law in Australia
      Posted By , on August 16, 2019

      In Australian law a drone is referred to as a “remotely piloted aircraft” or RPA for short. The “Civil Aviation Safety Authority” or CASA who are responsible for regulating the use of drones. Australia has strict laws surrounding the use of drones. This is particularly the case near public places and airports. Breaches of the […]

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      Using a mobile phone to pay at a drive thru is now legal in NSW
      Is using a mobile phone in a drive thru really illegal?

      In August 2019 social media was a-buzz after Victorian Police posted on Facebook pointing out it was illegal to pay using a mobile phone in a drive-thru. The story was picked up by media outlets and is being widely reported on. At the time it was a surprise to most people that using your phone […]

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      Electric scooter laws in NSW
      Posted By , on July 30, 2019

      Electric scooters are gaining popularity in Australia. Advances in technology mean that they are now capable of longer ranges, increased speeds, and shorter charging times. Specialist scooter stores such as Scooter Hut stock a wide range of scooters ranging from a few hundred dollars up to $4000. They are quiet, lightweight, environmentally friendly, and can […]

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      Driver unhappy to have breached a good behaviour licence
      Breaching a good behaviour licence in NSW

      In NSW unrestricted licence holders have a limit of 13 demerit points. If you incur 13 or more demerit points in any 3-year period, the RMS will send you a notice of suspension. Instead of serving a period of suspension, you can apply for a good behaviour licence under section 36 of the Road Transport […]

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