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    New South Wales has some interesting rules and laws about horses that may surprise you

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      Horses racing

      NSW Laws about horses you’ve probably never heard about

      In New South Wales many of the road rules also apply to horse riders. Under the Australian Road Rules horses are included under the definition of vehicle. This means that most minor regulatory offences apply equally to both car drivers and horse riders. But you may not have heard some of the more obscure laws about horses.

      Horses, churches and ferries don’t mix

      Until they were repealed in 1999 there were a number of odd laws about horses in NSW. It was an offence to ride a horse at fast pace past a place of worship on a Sunday or past a ferry wharf while people were getting on or off a ferry.

      Riding a horse past a ferry

      Sorry, no horses at Barangaroo

      When the new Casino at Barangaroo opens you’ll need to leave your horse at home. Under section 16 of the Barangaroo Delivery Authority Regulation it’s an offence to bring a horse into Barangaroo. Whether you ride it, lead it, or leave it untethered it can result in a penalty of up to $2200.

      No horse riding at Barangaroo

      Melbourne Cup Sweeps

      In NSW the Lotteries and Art Unions Act 1901 generally prohibits unauthorised betting on horse races. There is however a specific exception under s.4D for ‘Melbourne Cup Sweeps’. A Melbourne Cup Sweep is lawful provided the total prize pool is not over $20,000 and no entry fees are charged. The Act also prohibits persons under 16 entering the sweep and even prohibits them being present for the draw!

      Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Sweeps

      Don’t run onto a racecourse in NSW

      In 2013 laws were passed to stop pitch invasion at a number of major sporting facilities in NSW. These laws also include racecourses! It is an offence to enter any restricted area of a racecourse. Not that you’d probably want to of course. Fines of up to $5500 apply.

      Don't run onto a horse racing track

      You can lead a horse to a watering hole!

      In NSW at least, drink driving offences are restricted to the rider or driver of a motor vehicle. So, you can’t be charged with drink driving on a horse however, you still can’t drink alcohol while riding. Also, if you have an accident while riding a horse you still need to exchange details. Just don’t try it in other states of Australia, In Queensland a woman was charged for being intoxicated while riding her horse through a drive through bottle shop.

      Yes you can ride your horse to the pub

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