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    A self-proclaimed ‘preacher’ has been charged with five counts of sexual assault spanning over seven years.

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      Preacher Anthony Glumac Charged with Child Sexual Assaults in Sydney

      Self-proclaimed ‘preacher’ Anthony Glumac has been charged with five counts of sexual assault spanning over seven years.

      The 24-year-old whose social media accounts also list him as a fitness educator and chef, was the subject of an extensive Police investigation.

      He was arrested in Campbelltown after being charged with sexually assaulting a number of females, including two teenagers.

      He is currently refused bail and is facing a total of 15 criminal charges.

      Police Investigate Sexual Assault Complaints

      As a result of a complaint to Police in September, a task force was set up to investigate a string of violent sexual assaults.

      Police received an allegation from a female gym employee in Campbelltown who met Glumac while at work.

      She claimed that man had attacked her while he was armed with a knife.

      Detectives from the child abuse and sex crimes squad established Strike Force Honda to investigate. They were able to link the attack to that of four other females, including two teenagers aged 15 and 16, between August 2013 and March 2020.

      Other attacks involved women aged 19, 21, and 24 and occurred in Tahmoor, Picton, Darlinghurst and Campbelltown.

      NSW Police allege the sexual assault offences became more violent over time. This is reflected in the charges which include choking without consent and common assault.

      Glumac’s sexual assault lawyers are yet to make a bail application on his behalf.

      Further Charges Against Anthony Glumac

      Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad Detective Chief Inspector Michael Haddow spoke to the media and said, “These were separate (women) not known to each other…Our concern is there may be other (complainants) out there.”

      Detective Haddow emphasised the fact that the alleged victims did not know each other. This would presumably overcome any suggestion that the women had colluded to together prior to speaking to Police.

      He also said detectives were concerned there were more complainants and encouraged them to come forward.

      Anthony Glumac’s arrest only came after an “extensive amount of work” and a “meticulous amount of evidence had been captured” according to Police.

      “The offender met the women through a number of different means, both through his employment, at parties and clubs, as well as mutual friends and the like,” Detective Chief Inspector Haddow said.

      “It’s a significantly serious crime type, the victims are getting the support they need and we will continue to work with them during the court process.”

      Who is Anthony Glumac?

      On social media, Glumac described himself as a “Young Boss”, who works as a chef for “Japanes (sic) Fusion Restaurant” and in health and physical education/ fitness.

      Despite this, he was apparently employed as a labourer at the time of his arrest.

      Under his religious views, he wrote “preaching word of God and praise”.

      In another photo, he said he was “just not a fan” of people “not dealing with their own personal mental health and lashing out on others”.

      After arresting Glumac, Police seized mobile phones and other electronic devices, which will undergo further examination.

      It was suggested that there could be evidence that supports the charges on those devices. This could involve text messages and/or phone calls linking Glumac to the complainants.

      It could also include admissions to some or all of the offences.

      Anthony Glumac was charged with 15 offences in total. They included:

      1. five counts of sexual intercourse without consent,
      2. two counts of stalk/ intimidate intend fear physical harm,
      3. two counts of have sexual intercourse with person between 14 and 16 years,
      4. aggravated sexual assault victim under the age of 16 years,
      5. common assault,
      6. assault with act of indecency, and
      7. remain in building/land with intent to commit indictable offence.

      The 24-year-old did not apply for bail when he faced Campbelltown Local Court. Unless he is granted bail he will remain in custody throughout the proceedings.

      Speaking to Nine News, one of Anthony Glumac’s neighbours said, “I’m shocked as, yeah, because I was mates with him as well, I had a few drinks with him”.

      Child Sexual Assault Charges

      Section 66A of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) sets out that if you engage in sexual intercourse with a child, you can be guilty of an offence.

      You can fight achild sexual assault charge in two ways. Firstly, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt:

      1. You had sexual intercourse with the alleged victim; and
      2. The alleged victim was a child

      If any of these elements are not made out, then you can be found ‘not guilty’.

      Secondly, you can rely on one of the defences.

      The following defences to child sexual assault offences can be used:

      1. Honest and reasonable mistake: if you are charged with ‘Sexual intercourse with child between 14-16 years’, it is a defence that you held an honest and reasonable belief that the alleged victim was above the legal age of consent;
      2. Identification: The Crown cannot establish beyond reasonable doubt that you were the offender.

      On the facts known, Anthony Glumac may have either of these defences open to him.

      Consent is not a defence as a child cannot give consent to sexual activity of any kind.

      Anthony Glumac is charged with multiple sexual assault charges

      An offence of ‘Sexual intercourse with child between 14-16 years’ carries a maximum term of imprisonment of 10 years.

      An offence of ‘Aggravated Sexual intercourse with child between 14-16 years’ carries a maximum penalty is 12 years imprisonment. There is also a standard non-parole period of 5 years imprisonment.

      Looking at statistics over the last 5 years, it is unsurprising to see that over 80% of persons found guilty of sexual intercourse with a child were sentenced to full-time imprisonment. 

      Child sexual assault charges are extremely serious. The stigma that comes with them is likely to follow a person for the rest of their life.

      That is why it is important to obtain advice from a specialist sexual assault lawyer who has successfully defended hundreds of these charges. Call Astor Legal on (02) 7804 2823. Or, you can email

      For more information you can contact our Sydney, Parramatta or Liverpool Criminal Lawyers. We can arrange a conference for you with a Law Society Accredited Specialist in sexual assault offences.

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